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What this blog is NOT about… June 7, 2007

Posted by Taleb Haqq in Advice, Blog.

We sometimes get some comments that do not actually get approved.

One sister recently went off on a rant about how “homosexuals will burn in hell” and how our website is full of “hypocrisy”. This, of course, is nonsense and her comment was not approved. We also have the case of a certain someone who doesn’t realize that his IP address is linked to his comments and we can tell that it’s him that is posting. This man keeps on posting confused comments which are anti-Islam, and sometimes quasi-Christian in nature, though he claims to not believe in anything.

Another important point we wish to make here is that this website will NOT be used as a forum to present prejudiced and unsubstantiated opinions about Islamic scholars. If you have a problem with a particular mainstream scholar, please take it up with him/her or create your own blog. We will not allow you to present your hatred for them here. (This is going out to the brother who went off against Sh. Suhaib Webb.)