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1. Ewan - May 13, 2007

Do you not do a news letter or regular update feed to emails ?

2. Rasheed Eldin - May 14, 2007

You can find the feed here and subscribe:

3. Abdelhak - October 20, 2008

Good morning. I am Abdelhak, from Algeria, but I live in the U.K. I favored to write in English because I have a bit of a broken Arabic. I always watched your lectures on Ikra TV and ever found your talk greatly influential, Baraka el-laho fik.
I have a problem that’s torturing me of which I would like to find a lucid decisive answer. I only just discovered something quite important about myself that Islam is totally against it, in fact, this what I’m after. Ever since my childhood, I ever suspected that something was going wrong with me. When my friends talked about girls as the target of love, I always felt embarrassed because I felt it towards the wrong object. Yes, I’m homosexual. The upside is that I’m masculine and I don’t go for guys having a tendency to look like girls in their way of talking, thinking, behaving, etc. At least, this is the point that I see eye to eye with Islam. In reality, I always took a dim view of the matter but it seems that I was wrong. Love involving sex is very important and anyone has the right to please that natural innate need. It was just when I fell in unrequited love with a friend of mine and couldn’t break free from it that I had started to look on the net for a solution over a long time, but seemingly, I jumped from the frying pan into the fire. I found out that I’m naturally gay and this couldn’t be ignored, I’m condemned to live that experience times and again like heterosexuals do. Since then, I settled on knowing more things about myself and the gay community. However, the struggle was and is still on. I had to find out Islam’s standpoint on that matter. The result was a stark disappointment as it was clearly banned and considered as a sin. One day, I ran into a criticism of the Quoranic verses about homosexuality, and instead that I see it with a positive eye, I found it rather a bomb that could explode at any time because this gave me just a temporary hope to be and to live the one I am actually, not the one I have to pretend to be. I read on the net that the judgement that forbids homosexuality, or rather homosexual relationships, is a ‘misinterpretation’ of the verse and that it should be read between the lines as some liberal Muslim scholors see. Some British scholors claimed that Quoran didn’t state clearly on which basis homosexuality is regarded as a sin. In that case, it is not a sin as long as the homosexual relationship is based on ‘MUTUAL LOVE’ but not ‘LUST’. I’m so troubled and I beg you to tell me the truth about the life that I should lead. If it is really ‘taboo’, I’ll move away though it will be so deceptive and hard, but in the opposite case, I’ll defend my happiness no matter what this would cost me even if I have to face up the whole world. My action stops at the truth and I’m not at all intending to do anything against Allah. I wish to get an answer the soonest possible and thank you so much to have read my letter.

4. saif - July 28, 2010

this is my story as well…i need help….plz someone who knows i’ll do anything to wake up a day and look at a guy and not feel attracted to him….i’ve tried…but i need professional help….so many girls are interested in me…i’m handsome..educated..and from a goo family…but i cant seem to function in the bedroom with girl…i need help….

5. norhassan - May 3, 2011

im wondering what answers brother Rasheed Eldin gave these brothers. May I also read? Thanks.

6. Abdullah - September 18, 2011

Salaam alekwm,

Yes, brothers many of us in the same chose as you, struggling with S.S.A (sAME sEX aTTRACTION). Yes, I had sex with another boy 2 years older than me, at age of 12. Since I have (still) social problems with my Dad, and mother where I almost found no love. yes, it is started as social, then psycho, sexually…
I read Quran, as much as I could, try to look for meaning. I found some “Gay who say that they Muslims, liberal and educated” and try to change the meaning of Quran about the tribe of Loat -peace upon him.
I still in the way of to find a solution for my life. I read the story of Yossif- peace upon him. I love so much. Started to have a right therapist from an Ex-gay, online(http://www.comingoutstraight.org/home0.aspx). In addition, from a muslim who helps on line Dr. Sadiq (http://www.shifa.ca/index-main.html) .
I read book about it, and listen to some CD’s.
I know how much it is painful,; criticism from people around you. having no support. why just because I look Gay, which is only HAVENG S.S.A disease( I have ZERO sexually relations with both sex).
Keep you relationship with Allah, never give up; make your way out. I will get married inshallah by next year, but I will tell my future wife my story.



7. Sami Harith - November 11, 2013

i really hope you continue this blog and don’t let the haters get to you . you are doing a service for the deen . may Allah reward you with Janatul- firdous . Ameen

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