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As Bob Marley asked… May 8, 2011

Posted by Rasheed Eldin in Concepts.

Is this LOVE that I’m feeling?

Here we talk about halal and haram, obedience to God, resisting blameworthy desires – and many visitors to the site only want to talk about love. Lest I be guilty of ignoring that side of things, please see the article above for a start (at SuhaibWebb.com).

I am planning to write a detailed post about love (if God wills), perhaps taking its title from a phrase in Imam Ibn Hazm’s fascinating Ring of the Dove, where he says: “The best thing a person can do out of love is be chaste.”



1. Coxhere - May 8, 2011

Define “chaste.”

Rasheed Eldin - May 8, 2011

All in due course, my friend. Basically, the point is to restrain one’s self from anything that displeases the Creator, overcoming desires for His sake. But that doesn’t mean that love in itself is condemnable, and I think this subtle point is very relevant to the topic of SSA. Chastity isn’t the same as celibacy, because a married man is chaste by being faithful to his wife.

2. David Gee - May 14, 2011

Hello, Rasheed. I joined your debate last year. I’m posting again now to tell you that SHAIKH-DOWN, my 2009 novel about Revolution (and homosexuality) on a fictional island in the Gulf, has just been launched as an e-book:


You can “preview” it on my blog:


where there’s a link to a FREE DOWNLOAD of the complete novel.

I realise that the blueprint for swift “surgical” regime change in my book bears little resemblance to the terrible transitions now taking place in Bahrain and elsewhere, but the predictions I made (originally in 1999) are perhaps worth looking at.

Best regards to you and to all gay Muslims and their sympathisers..

3. Gohar - May 31, 2011

This does make sense and surely must resonate with people if their feelings are true.

If you really love someone, then you will sacrifice your own happiness for the sake of not getting them into trouble. It would be a type of selfishness not to.

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