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Choosing Hell? June 26, 2010

Posted by Rasheed Eldin in Media, Queer Muslims.

One Kash Amin has written article about “Being Gaysi”, apparently a cute contraction of “gay desi”, i.e. South Asian. The article is mainly about culture, and therefore not particularly of interest at this blog.

It is full of relativism, such as when the author says: “There have been many-a-times even I have woken up asking who/what the f*** I did last night? But so have many of my straight friends.” Visitors to the article should also be aware that there is some explicit imagery.

What particularly drew my attention was Amin’s assessment of his future:

I have accepted the consequences of a gay lifestyle in the Muslim context. I don’t mean this in a self-loathing, self-deprecating way, but I have to accept that, in the context of Islam, I am going to spend time in hell. But there’s this sense of knowing and accepting these consequences that has both empowered me and allowed me to begin to map out my “gay” future.

I cannot take much satisfaction from the fact that he has refrained from promoting his own re-interpretation of the Islamic texts in order to pretend that homosexual acts are not forbidden. I am troubled for someone who can feel “empowered” by the idea of going to Hell. Does he know what Hell is??

This is a succinct expression of “choosing this life over the Hereafter”. It’s not too late to wake up and change, if talk of “the context of Islam” implies that he actually believes in Islam. For me, this is a confirmation of our view that true faith and proper understanding are indeed key to this issue as any other.