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Update to “Sodomites” essay May 4, 2010

Posted by Rasheed Eldin in Uncategorized.

Why were the Sodomites destroyed?

The above essay is one of the key researches done for this blog, and I often refer readers to it in order to grasp the essential argument for the prohibition of homosexual acts based on the Qur’anic narrative concerning the punished people of Lut (peace be on him), also known as the Sodomites.

Of course, the prohibition does not rest on that story (mentioned in eight passages of the Qur’an) alone, but extends from the general Qur’anic prohibition of any sexual relations outside marriage, as well as specific hadith texts condemning homosexual activity. Even so, this story provides a core upon which a broader understanding can be built.

I have cast a fresh eye over the essay and added a few paragraphs in reference to common claims based purely on wishful thinking, especially the idea that the Sodomites were guilty of male-male rape as opposed to consensual relations.

I’ve also made the Qur’anic passages more easily searchable thanks to the folks at Quran.com!


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