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Islamophobic blindness August 6, 2009

Posted by Rasheed Eldin in Homosexualists, Responses, StraightWay.

A little note for the anti-Muslim bigots of Harry’s Place and the Spittoon, who have recently taken to linking to some of our blog posts. Welcome, and feel free to read: it could be a cure for your ignorance.

But every time you repeat your own invented terms, like “curing gays” and “ex-gays”, and put them in quote marks to imply that you read them here, you just prove how dishonest you are. You can’t even read a few articles and get the correct gist. Sure, you’re going to disagree, but at least disagree with what we actually say, not your pathetic strawmen. One of you couldn’t even spell my name right in his article!

Or go ahead, roll around in your own filth if you want. It’s your right.



1. Talha - August 7, 2009

It strikes me as bizarre that they are making so much of someone linking to your site and saying its worth checking out. That hardly proves that he agrees with everything you say, not that its really anything controversial. And they even stooped to point out that you once commented on Saeed’s blog!! I mean, have you seen the nutters who post at theirs?! (No offence lol)

100% obvious their agenda is to discredit any Muslim being involved in politics, unless he first sells out every last bit of religious principle that doesn’t consist of bowing down quietly at home or in the mosque.

2. Mareefa - August 7, 2009

A little note for the anti-Muslim bigots of Harry’s Place and the Spittoon, who have recently taken to linking to some of our blog posts. Welcome, and feel free to read: it could be a cure for your ignorance.

I don’t think Harry’s Place or the Spittoon can be called anti-Muslim at all. You and your site on the other hand are quite clearly anti-homosexual-Muslim. Not the best site for a candidate of a liberal democratic party like the SNP to endorse, is it? Unless of course Osama Hasan is, like you, a homophobic bigot on an individual level.

Rasheed Eldin - September 14, 2009

So let’s see… you claim that I’m a Muslim-hater (Islamophobe) due to my alleged hatred of certain Muslims. Friend, you are most inventive! By your logic, everyone who despises terrorists who claim to act in the name of Islam should also be condemned as an Islamophobic bigot.

Not in my reckoning: for anyone – Muslim or non-Muslim – who wishes to clear the name of Islam from such evils deserves praise, just as someone who works to clarify what Islam’s teachings are on any controversial issue.

Let’s be crystal clear about this. Harry’s Place and their bastard offspring Spittoon (pardon the language: I mean it technically) have a problem with this site for two reasons:

1. We are articulating and defending the actual teachings of Islam, as opposed to their latest definition of Western liberalism;

2. We are representing the mainstream view of not only Islamic scholars, but the Muslim population at large.

Now, of these two claims of mine, the first meets a few vain objections, which we make light work of refuting here – thanks be to God. As for the latter, it is undisputed because everyone knows that Muslims in general are what they call “homophobes”: even if they take a live-and-let-live attitude, they still think that homosexuality is basically “wrong”. And that’s homophobic enough for the likes of Harry’s Place and their resident Out Rager, Brett Lock.

[On that note, I must admit to have found most amusing the claim by certain homosexualist campaigners that to assume that most Muslims are homophobes is in fact Islamophobic! And then they go around trying to “out” imams as fanatics who want them killed!!]

So I don’t hesitate to describe these people as both Islam-haters and Muslim-haters, and this is only confirmed by their attitude towards this site. Rather than acknowledge that we have a more nuanced view than “throw the gays off a building” they try to scare people by discrediting us as “ex-gays” and inventing quotes about “curing gays”. It is certainly too much to expect constructive dialogue with such bigots.

3. Nada - September 2, 2009

This is incredible. I stumbled onto this blog expecting to read posts by Muslims who promote a homosexual lifestyle, as has become so common these days with “progressive” Muslims.
But, instead, you’re taking the Islamic way, and promoting an Islamic lifestyle despite gay tendencies. Again, it’s incredible. Keep up the amazing work.

4. Paul Williams - September 6, 2009

I think intemperate comments like

‘go ahead, roll around in your own filth if you want. It’s your right.’

don’t do your case any credit…

Rasheed Eldin - September 14, 2009

Thanks brother Paul, I do appreciate your advice. However, I don’t see that it weakens my ‘case’ either, given that we have not even reached a stage of dialogue, just lies by the Islamophobes. They are ignorant and proud of it.

5. Abdullah - October 5, 2009

Brother Rasheed is Harrys Place and Spitoon, oppose you you must be doing something right ! Well done mashAllah. Cant think of people Id less want praise from!

They dont hate Muslims per se , just religious ones or ones who opose Israel- but they certainly hate Islam and the Sharia.

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