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Spousexuality July 23, 2009

Posted by Rasheed Eldin in Concepts.

Here’s a new approach for you…

I’m not homosexual or heterosexual, I’m wifosexual as I only have eyes for her. As for my wife, it so happens that she’s husbosexual and that suits me just fine. Yeah, she’s a full-on husbian.

So what unites us both is our spousexuality. We’re spousexuals and proud!


1. Yogurt - July 24, 2009

haha I like this it’s clever!

2. stumblingmystic - August 3, 2009

You’ll find plenty of gay folks are spousosexuals too, with eyes only for their monogamous, long-term partners. Does that mean you share our sexual preference on this dimension? *gasp*

3. Rasheed Eldin - August 5, 2009

Well no, since I don’t believe one’s spouse can be defined as of the same gender, any more than you can say that your daughter is a boy.

In case this becomes an argument over an English definition, let me be more specific and say that the only valid sexual relationship in Islam is with one’s “zawj” and that can only be of the opposite sex as I’ve argued here and elsewhere:

More fundamentally, the point I was making was that the whole discourse of “homosexual/heterosexual” can be sidestepped with another consideration. So you’re welcome to join me in that, not that it makes man-man sex any more legitimate as far as religion is concerned.

4. Abu Wannabe Arab - August 6, 2009


Do you guys really think gays can be ‘cured’?

5. Rasheed Eldin - August 6, 2009

Why, because that’s what your chum Brett Lock says? He doesn’t have a clue, and even “gay Muslims” complain about his group’s Islamophobia.

You idiots at Harry’s Place really have scraped the barrel this time.

6. Muddassir - February 18, 2010

Rasheed you are an idiot, along with the poster of this article. You guys are just straight, and acting the same way as straight non-muslims or athiests would react to it without any solid ground from religious whatsoever. Everything you mentioned in your arguments are your own hypothesis.
Quran have only 4 aayat’s about homosexuality and it is only about the people of Lot, and that it never happened before. (well, never before, but happening now) There could be many things changed in centuries including chemicals in genetics. There are people from neutral gender. I doubt you can find much about them in Quran. I have seen my religious sister giving hard time to my left handed cousin for using his left hand for eating food. You guys are just plain idiots and ignorant!!
You have no right to tell other people what type of sexual relations they need to have. It is between them and the God. NOT YOU!! So shut up!!

Rasheed Eldin - February 20, 2010

Muddassir, before calling me an idiot, you would do well to consult the Qur’an and perhaps browse a few posts on this site to become better acquainted with the subject.

There are in fact 8, not 4, passages in the Qur’an discussing the crimes of the people of Lut. Their clear message is to show that homosexual acts are vile and sinful, but this message is conveyed in many other verses too, as it is a (particularly deviant) form of sexual transgression. Sex is only permitted in marriage between a man and woman. There are also numerous hadiths backing up the same message and making it even clearer.

You should look at the following articles if you want to understand. Of course, I’m not telling you what to do.. heaven forbid!


7. Muddassir - February 20, 2010

The sites you pointed out have absolutely nothing but interpretations of the same 4 aayat’s I mentioned. It is all about people of Lut, and nothing else.

By the way, sex is also permitted between men and women other then marriage which includes slaves and what not. And there is polygamy as well, but people have haramified both polygamy and sex with slaves.. Anyways, that is a different topic.

Quran only mentioned people of Lut and how they were punished. But it is not mentioned would people get punished for this act when the population on earth is going to go out of control and people would still preach on getting people married, and making babies and clogging all the natural resources etc..

Rasheed Eldin - February 20, 2010

First of all, if you cannot tell the difference between 4 and 8, maybe we have bigger problems. The relevant passages are: 7.80ff, 11:69ff, 15:57ff, 21:71ff, 26:160ff, 27:54ff, 29:26ff, 54:33ff. But of course the number is not important, as one mention is enough.

The implications of the story of Lut are crystal-clear. Why do you need something besides that? Yet I already told you that there are many other relevant verses in the Qur’an making clear that all extra-marital sex is forbidden, which obviously includes homosexual acts.

Some of the commentators considered the following ayah to refer to homosexual acts, while the wording is broader and can include transgression between a man and woman:

“If two (men) among you are guilty of lewdness, punish them both. If they repent and amend, Leave them alone; for Allah is Oft-returning, Most Merciful.” (4:16)

And there are numerous hadiths, which form the other primary source of Islamic legislation. They include the following:
“Allah curses the one who does the actions of the people of Lut.”
“If a man comes upon a man then they are both adulterers.”

You mention the situation of slaves and polygamy, which are complex, but still don’t give any justification for homosexual acts so I’m not sure what relevance you are giving them. It is nobody’s right to “haramify” something if the Lawgiver permits it. Yet He explicitly prohibits homosexual behaviour.

Finally, you have suggested that the matter is different nowadays because there is a greater population! Sorry, but that is truly ridiculous! Even if we were to agree that populations need to be controlled, never could such an evil act be considered a solution. Perhaps next you would like to advocate burying baby girls, since the Shari’ah needs to change to adapting circumstances?!

8. anon - April 11, 2010

I’m sorry to be pedantic about this, BUT
My mother and brother are both left handed. I have plenty of Muslim left handed friends too. And guess what- they have no problems eating with their right hands.
This might prove a foreign concept to you, but seeing as how it is sunnah- with the obvious added benefits of good Hygiene- they have no problems with switching hands for this function.
Also, there are plenty of ppl – nonbelievers- who eat with a knife and fork…and hold their fork with their left hands despite being right handed.

And no. Last time I checked no one thought they were being oppressed. Most importantly though… none of the Muslims were happy to use their left hands. Because it’s the hand they use for istinja.
You know…all that cleanliness being next to godliness stuff
(i’m assuming ppl with ah..different sexual orientations don’t have the usual high standards for hygiene.)

So… your sister is quite right, in this regard. Next you know, there’ll be a bunch of people saying they can’t go down in sajdah cos they suffer from chronic sinusitis.

Stop being a victim. Own up to your actions- and your Choices.
Anal retentive stupidity- pun intended!- will not stop you from having to suffer the consequences of your actions later on.

p.s by the way…just how many verses are there in quran concerning beastiality?
i’m not sure about the exact count- but it probably is Less than the ‘gay-indicative’ ones.
But let me guess- if the goat doesn’t protest, it aint a sin, right?:)

9. Muddassir - April 11, 2010

bla bla bla..
bla bla bla bla..
bla bla bla bla bla..

Just Stop it seriously, stop it. You have absolutely no right to judge other people’s personal choices and pass stupid remarks about it. It is only between that person and Allah if there Allah have any bad consequences for that in afterlife. You have to let other live the way they want.

Rasheed Eldin - April 12, 2010

Muddassir, you came to this site of your own free will, and even though you opened your first comment with “Rasheed you are an idiot”, I still treated you as someone interested in constructive dialogue.

Nobody’s stopping you, but I advise you to stop yourself. As the Prophet Salih said to his people: “I advised you sincerely, but you do not like sincere advisors!” (7:79)

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