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“Masculinity and infatuation” May 20, 2007

Posted by Rasheed Eldin in Advice.

An interesting question and answer over at Islam Online’s Cyber Counselling service:

Towards a Healthy Male Role Model



1. Qusai - May 21, 2007

Couple of points to make

I suppose if anyone develops an acute same sexual attraction (presumably on a normal background, not clear from the question) then:

1. Time kills all infatuations.

However to take you back to square one, if SSA was perceived by the individual as a protracted state that developed since early childhood then:

2. Identifyinig the source of that type of affliction doesn’t necessarily make you immune to its effects. It just helps you to cope with them.

Moreover that same tough parent may have several children and only one may turn out to be gay. My heterosexual friends all have had some sort of father issues. When people are emotionally vulnerable they will admit to many grievances if you ask the ‘right’ questions about their personal lives.

2. sonia - May 27, 2007

That Islam cyber counselling site is really awful!

3. Rasheed Eldin - May 27, 2007

Oh Sonia, as usual with nothing interesting or useful to say.

4. Qusai - May 28, 2007


Actually if you’d hoped for anything better than the well thought out and consistent balance between reason and adherence to religious principles desplayed by the writers of the site then you’re probably not being realistic at all!


5. anonymous - May 29, 2007

heh, what else did you expect Sonia?

[RASHEED NOTES: Actually this was Sunny Hundal but he hid his name!]

6. thomas muhammad steele - August 25, 2007

Asalaamu ‘alaikum.

Yes Sonia there is not much to take serious in these “counselling site” for gays or those who don’t want to be gay regardless if what they say they are presenting is so well thought out and consistent between reason and adherence to religious principles. Even the boys here don’t do that though they seem to have the illusion of doing so.
They poke fun of and try to publicly humiliate other Muslims whom they don’t agree with. I assume they don’t really know where thay fir in; Traditionalists or Salafiyyas or maybe they are the new breed of Sufi being promulgated. They don’t even seem to know how to return a greeting from a fellow Muslim they must have missed that Hadith or maybe they don’t have the Ijazza from the new clerics and church of the Ahl al Sunnah wal Jammah.
As a much older man than these boys are I realize rather humorously that their certainty is not that at all no matter how they protest…just as I thought mine (certainty that Allah did not want me to be a gay man) was regarding the “forbidden ” act of homosexual love.
I am certain of one thing and that is they have no idea whats in store for them as they get older. I just pray they aren’t looking to subject a women and children to their neurotic tendencies if they choose to hide from themselves and our Rabb and get married, like so many have done before. What a tragedy that so often ensues. Allah preserve us from such.

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