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Our message for you… May 1, 2007

Posted by Rasheed Eldin in StraightWay.

Whom do we want to talk to with this blog, Eye on Gay Muslims?
And what, in brief, do we want to say to them?

Here’s what Islam has to say about homosexuality, including the distinction between actions and attractions. We present the facts and entertain debate, without prioritising anyone’s agenda over the truth.

You’re not sinful for feeling how you do, but you must strive not to do anything that Allah has forbidden. This in itself is a means of attaining His reward. You are not alone in this struggle, and you may even overcome the unwanted feelings altogether.

You cannot justify homosexual activity in the light of divine revelation, and no doubt it is all sinful. Understand Islam properly, realise that even the identity of being “gay” is problematic and un-Islamic, and repent to Allah, who is Forgiving, Merciful.

Don’t ignore the struggle so many sincere Muslims are going through. And even those who are sinful, don’t content yourselves with condemning them. Try to understand the Religion of Mercy better, so that you can be of help and not just push people away from Islam.

You can decide for yourselves how you interpret your scriptures, but it is disappointing just how few people are willing to stick to the beliefs that the Prophets brought. Homosexuality has always been forbidden: we, at least, abide by this.

You might disagree with our beliefs – consider them “homophobic” – but it’s not our goal to please you. That being said, we would like to clarify what Islam says for you in order that you may understand things before judging them. Everything has its context.


1. Rasheed Eldin - May 1, 2007

Where do the “progressives” fit into this? They are generally considered as part of The Wider Muslim Community, of course.

But in regards to what we want to say to them, I suppose it’s more a combination of Self-Identifying “Gay Muslims” and Non-Religious People.

2. mujahid7ia - May 2, 2007

This is a great, clarifying post.

3. Manuel Ferreira - May 2, 2007

And what does Islam say should be done about those homosexuals that do engage in homosexual activity?

4. Taleb Haqq - May 2, 2007

Manuel, that’s an open ended, and generally irrelevant question. It would only be relevant if there were an Islamic state that governs with the will of the people. The answer has many parts. Insofar as we are concerned on this website, people that come to us for help with their same-sex attractions should expect that we engage in online discussions about their feelings, some people find out the source of their feelings, other simply learn how to deal with them and yet some others overcome them. This, we believe, is our duty towards humanity.

5. Rasheed Eldin - May 3, 2007

Yes as Taleb said, while we’ll share whatever information on that question is available to us, we don’t see it as a priority issue at all.

6. all-born-equal - May 4, 2007

Are you embarrased to say that Islam prescribes the death sentence in this case?

In the Koran we come to learn that the divine applied judged that acts of homosexuality are punishable by death. This is the moral level at which Islam operates.

7. Rasheed Eldin - May 5, 2007

I’m not embarrassed about anything, Abe. I’ve written on this subject several times, such as here:

I’m quite certain you’re not a highly qualified Islamic jurist such that I should take your opinion about Islamic law as more authoritative than mine, let alone than those of the scholars I consult.

8. Qusai - May 7, 2007



الشيخ محمد صالح المنجد
الشذوذ الجنسي .الحكم والعلاج

وأتفق أصحاب رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم على قتله ، لم يختلف منهم فيه رجلان ، وإنما اختلفت أقوالهم في صفة قتله ، فظنَّ بعض الناس ذلك اختلافاً منهم في قتله ، فحكاها مسألة نزاع بين الصحابة ، وهي بينهم مسألة إجماع .

9. Rasheed Eldin - May 8, 2007

Qusai – there can be difference of opinion even on the question of whether (and how) difference of opinion has existed! I’m not criticising this scholar (Shaykh Munajjid), as he could be right. But I do know that quite often ijmaa’ (consensus) is cited where it does not in fact exist. We have posted examples of scholars who say that capital punishment is not the only existing opinion, e.g.:

10. sonia - May 21, 2007

A good job you have clarified yourselves. So do tell me – how is it you see yourselves as upholders of religion?

11. sonia - May 21, 2007

Also – how do we know that you are not like the Catholic priests – whilst telling everyone they were abstaining, were really upto – we all know what. How do we get to keep an eye on the eye on gay muslims?

interesting – the whole play on the ‘gaze’.

12. Taleb Haqq - May 24, 2007

Sonia: Upholding religion is done by openly explaining its teachings (which we try to do on this site)…regarding your second question: It’s the INTERNET, how do we know you’re not George Bush…or Tarek Fatah for that matter.

You keep an eye by monitoring the website, when we criticize others we go with what they did and said PUBLICLY, and this what you can do with our blog.

13. Sis. Hajra - May 25, 2007

Assalaamu alaikum warahmatullah, i visited this blog a long time ago, for my english assignment and found it extremely useful, so thank you very much, JazakAllahu Khairan (May Allah Reward you well). also keep up the good work, with Allahs Help inshAllah, no one can fail to see the Beauty of Islam.

May Allah SWT shower His blessings upon you people who have come up with this site. May the blind be guided, and the judgmental be set straight and Islam be uplifted and taught by facts-the Quran and Sunnah, and the Muslim Ummah.

aameen, lots of Dua’s, salam and hope,

Sis. Hajra

14. Rasheed Eldin - May 26, 2007

Wa ‘alaykum as-salaam wa rahmatullah, and thanks very much Sis Hajra for your very kind and encouraging comments.

15. Saul - August 21, 2010

Asalamu Alaikum. Thank you very much for making this site.

Homoseual acts are highly illegal in almost all Islamic countries – rightly so. This site is helping to save brothers from getting involved in criminal acts, taking on a “gay” identity, catching diseases and being despised by their community and being punished if caught.

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