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Hirsi Ali: The Arrogant Ignoramus February 3, 2007

Posted by Taleb Haqq in Islam, Media, Proggies.

ayan-ali-voa Look who’s back in the news again. In an “exclusive” (because nobody else wants to) two part interview with Voice of America [1,2], Ayaan tries to gain back some spotlight after being exposed as a liar and being hired by none other than the notorious right wing “think ” tank the American Enterprise Institue. We will let readers for themselves question Hirsi’s intentions in attacking Islam when she describes herself as an atheist. Let us, however, examine some of her [term used loosely] quotes.

I decided — and it’s a private decision, I am not propagating atheism – but I decided that I do not believe in the existence of a hell and a heaven and a hereafter.


I’ve spoken to thousands of Muslims who are compassionate people who do not want to kill. They do not want to become the enemies of unbelievers, or see unbelievers as enemies, non-Muslims as enemies. But there is always the barrier, the threat of hell. If you disobey God, then you go to Hell.

So, Hirsi presents us (billions of) Muslims as killers out to kill the “unbelievers” save for the “thousands” that she has talked to. And the reason we are out to kill these unbelievers is because if we don’t then we will end up in Hell. And her conclusion is that Muslims should just stop believing in Hell. I honestly do not follow this woman’s logic. There is a very important point that she (intentionally?) neglected and that is one of the fundamental sciences when studying the Qur’an deals with the issue of Asbab an-Nuzool (or the “reasons of revelation”). Asbab an-Nuzool involves studying the reason why certain verses were revealed and deals extensively with the history surrounding the verse as well as the affairs that were happening at the time. It also studies the social order in the community of the time and reaches (sometimes more than one) conclusion as to why that verse was revealed. This study is important as the reasons for revelations can also be used by Mufassireen (scholars who study and interpret / explain the meaning of the verses of the Qur’an). That study also involves fully studying the Qur’an to use some verses to interpret others as well as using the Prophetic (peace be upon him) sayings in which he explained verses of the Qur’an. She might want to delve into the sciences of Islamic studies where topics about the Qur’an are thoroughly analyzed and questioned (to minute details such as why a particular vowel was used and not another and why one word was spelt differently in a cerain verse than another…fascinating really).

Hirsi believes that she is leading some sort of revolution (and later compares herself to Rosa Parks though she doesn’t seem to remember her name) in order to reform Islam. It would, perhaps, do her some good to study Islam before she goes on attacking it. Until then, she will be classified as nothing but an arrogant liar and a native misinformant.



1. Taleb Haqq - February 11, 2007

Very nice article from the Economist on this liar can be found here http://www.economist.com/books/displaystory.cfm?story_id=8663231

2. Qusai - February 11, 2007

I agree with you that Ayaan is a liar and a bigot. I think that anyone who watches the “submission” film would agree too. By the way I failed to make sense of her ‘Muslim-Atheist’ position. Did you?

But to be fair to her it never occured to me that she was implying that the Muslims that she never spoke to must be terrorists. I think it is to be understood that the thousands (? an exaggeration) she spoke to were sensible muslims and thus the majority of Muslims must be too. This is like survey statistics. You infer the opinons of the majority by talking to a sample. Sorry bro but it appeared to me that you twisted her words a bit just because you hate her so much!!

However I do not agree that you should dedicate all this blog space to attacking her person. You probably know that making ad hominem attacks is nothing but fallacious argumentation. Only the substance of her arguments should be criticized because at the end of the day this is what really matters.


3. Taleb Haqq - February 11, 2007

I disagree with you, I don’t think this is what she meant. She truly believes we are a backwards bunch (hence her call for us to stop believing in Hell…is there any Muslim that doesn’t believe in Hell?) My attacks are not ad hominem, I present her interview and quotes and I truly believe that she is arrogant (especially in the way she treats Muslims as though she is more knowledgeable than the rest of them). In an interview for her that I watched yesterday on NBC (I will try to find the transcript) she said that she is working with people and groups to make Muslims “more like her”. And she is ignorant because she does not study the faith before attacking it completely out of context. As for being a liar…well, she is, I can’t put it any other way 🙂
And you’re right, I do hate her (particularly because of the way she presents her arguments but also because she joined the American Enterprise Institute…I mean…seriously 😐

4. sonia - February 18, 2007

yes, the fact you don’t like her comes across – this blog mostly seems to be full of personal attacks and ‘backbiting’.

oops – hang on – isn’t that a sin? dear me id better get a wordpress blog set up – eye on backbiting muslims.

‘now i don’t say that backbiting is something i was born with – it’s an orientation after all. but i must try and stop this desire to back-bite..’

5. Taleb Haqq - February 20, 2007

Sonia: So, by your (inaccurate) definition of backbiting, you are backbiting us on your own blog lol
This blog entry was meant to expose Hirsi’s lies and for people to question her intentions. Other entries on this blog are for different reasons (click on the different tabs to find those out).

6. Rasheed Eldin - February 21, 2007

Sonia you really don’t have a clue, do you? I’d love to know what you think “backbiting” is, and how we are guilty of it while you are somehow innocent. This’ll be fun.

7. Taleb Haqq - February 22, 2007

Sonia, you’re either blind or a liar, on your blog you say that your comments on this blog were “deleted”…all 3 of them were posted.

8. Ali - February 25, 2007


Ayaan Hirsi Ali is trying do a modern day Hind Bt. Utbah. Yes, she claims to be atheist (watch her interview on Hard Talk) and then claims and professes to reform Islam. How ??? Has her supporters gone bongers?? I mean come on – if she is an atheist i.e. not believing in God then how can she dare to teach us about Islam?

Let us look at her character a bit, she lied about her name, her birth place and even lied about her FATHER’s name just to get asylum in the Netherlands. Why should anyone believe this woman?? She has no credit to speak on the topic of Islam.

9. vinelectric - March 25, 2007

Hind bint utbah?

You mean the mother of umm habibah (prophet muhammad’s wife)?

ah… you mean the mother of Muawiyah ibn Abu Sufyan… I get you ‘Ali’. I don’t think sayyidna Ali would have approved of this slandering. Islam abrogates what preceeds it.

bad example.

10. Amir - March 25, 2007

” So, Hirsi presents us (billions of) Muslims as killers out to kill the “unbelievers” save for the “thousands” that she has talked to. And the reason we are out to kill these unbelievers is because if we don’t then we will end up in Hell. And her conclusion is that Muslims should just stop believing in Hell. I honestly do not follow this woman’s logic.”
I wouldn’t brag about not following her logic. I should add that Muslim culture is a culture of shame and that millions upon millions of Muslims want to leave but are afraid to take the step. This woman represents freedom and courage
Well I’ll leave you for now. So remember my motto.
Delenda Est Islamii

11. Taleb Haqq - March 25, 2007

Amir, perhaps you can enlighten us with your understanding of Hirsi’s logic? Freedom and courage? To me she represents lies and ignorance.

As for Islam’s destruction? You can try (and others have tried since the beginning of time) but I believe in God’s promise that He will protect this faith forever.
I pray for your (and our) guidance.

12. vinelectric - March 25, 2007

the obvious point Amir was trying to make is that there must be something terribly wrong for a theology to rely that much on fear and coercion to be morally right..

it’s all good in the Koran till you get to description of hell fire. to some people this is a deterrant to others it gets so intense to a point that fear eats at you and eats at you but then burns itself out..

leaving you with a feeling of disgust..life is indeed misearable if you are adviced to pscychologically torture your children from a very young age about hell..

do u have children/nephews/nieces?

has it never touched your heart that the young innocent sweeties are very likely to expeirience this sick place (‘wa in minkum illa wariduha’..Surat Maryam) called hell?

problem is for me is that I can’t get it out of my head and I don’t want to take chances with God.. it just leaves you with a feeling of disgust at it all…

13. Taleb Haqq - March 25, 2007

Vine, The Qur’an mentions both Heaven and Hell. I will let Amir respond to what this “obvious” point that he was making is. The point you make about Hell teaching for young kids is valid but has little to do with religion and more to do with proper parenting.

As for “Wa in minkum illa wariduha…” from surat Maryam verse 71. Please bother to read the tafsir of this verse. Mentioning a part of a verse and proclaiming its literal meaning is not and never was a practice of any scholars.

Let’s see what Ibn Kathir says about this verse (you can check it out for yourself from http://www.tafsir.com .

Surat Maryam verses 71 and 72:

(71. There is not one of you but will pass over it (Hell); this is with your Lord, a decree which must be accomplished.) (72. Then We shall save those who had Taqwa. And We shall leave the wrongdoers in it, Jithiyya.)

I will post an excerpt here and you can read the rest at this link:

“The bridge over Hell is like the sharp edge of a sword. The first group to cross it will pass like a flash of lightning. The second group will pass like the wind. The third group will pass like the fastest horse. The fourth group will pass like the fastest cow. Then, the rest will pass while the angels will be saying, `O Allah save them, save them.’ ” This narration has supporting narrations similar to it from the Prophet in the Two Sahihs and other collections as well. These narrations have been related by Anas, Abu Sa`id, Abu Hurayrah, Jabir and other Companions, may Allah be pleased with them all.

In the link above it mentions those that deserve Heaven will pass over the bridge across Hell quickly (may Allah make us of them!) where as others who deserve punishment will be placed inside Hell until God out of His Mercy takes them into Heaven (again for those that deserve God’s Mercy).

Aalimah - June 15, 2011

It’s all unnecessary though. You can be a good person without the terrible terrifying horrible disgraceful inhuman torturous idea of hell. Why would you want a heaven either? Awful presumptuous of a supernatural entity that was never proved to exist to force you to choose as though you want either. I wouldn’t want either. I would want to have a short beautiful life, and my life is beautiful as an atheist. The shortness of it makes it precious. It makes it valuable. It makes it so that we need to be kind and humane to one another to keep on experiencing the good things life has to offer with each other. Think for yourself. Love yourself and your fellow person because you just DO, not because of a divine reward of fear of punishment. Appreciate everything you earn in life as products of your own work and respect yourself for your achievements and stop thrusting the praise and thanks onto some “god” thereby stripping you of all of your hard work and accomplishments as if the “god” gave you every little scrap of good this world has to offer. Have more respect for yourself and give credit where credit is evidently due. Otherwise it would be like living in North Korea. I cannot disprove religion, but I hope it isn’t true, because only immorality can be done with religion. Good comes from man and woman and rationality and empathy and a social concept, which I would argue are all innate but brought out and spread through language and our cognitive capacity as primates with a responsibility to one another, and if we do not feel this responsibility, we will not survive, nor would we have survived so long thus far. As primates, which we are proven by DNA to be, members of a primate species (identifiable via DNA), we have a responsibility to each other if we want to keep on living. This cannot happen with religion as it is inclusive exclusive on the most epic level and scale imaginable. All religions are in conflict with one another and all convict each other or at least try to of heresy.

Taleb Haqq - June 19, 2011

Yes, to a believer, faith is absolutely necessary. You say I should give credit to where credit is due…and believing and worshiping God, the Creator and Giver of all things, is part of acknowledging this. You, on the other hand, started out by stating that you do not believe in any of these things so, obviously, to you none of this is necessary.

Let me ask you this, if you do not wan to acknowledge God and what He has given you and all of us…where did all this come from? Where did the universe come from and where is it going? Surely nothing becomes of nothing and evidence in our every day lives shows that things need to be made in order to exist.

Let me ask you something else: Why do we have to be good then? Why can’t we all just be evil and acquire as much as possible and get rid of the weak? Would that not make more sense if there was no concept of Hell and Heaven? i might as well do as wrong as possible in order to enjoy myself as much as possible….no?

14. vinelectric - March 25, 2007

how did you know that I haven’t read the tafsir?

Ibn kathir and al Tabari give a multitude of possible explanations… so what guarantees do you have that despite your islam you won’t experience this soul shattering evil? the only gurantee is that it won’t last for ever…. unless u are an accepted martyr then you better read that Ibn kathir tafseer more carefully.

15. Taleb Haqq - March 25, 2007

Is there a “guarantee” on anything in life or in death? I suppose we should be asking what is our “drive”. My drive is that this life is a test and I will try to do whatever good that I can in order to gain God’s Mercy.
However, I also know from Islam that God’s Mercy overpowers his wrath.
The other thing that I do know is that no matter how merciful you (or anyone) thinks they are, God is even more merciful. Islam gave us the gift of repentance and other types of worship. Islam gave us the wonderful concept of intention…where if my intention is well placed then that is how I will be judged.
I pray for all our guidance.

16. Amir - March 25, 2007

The beginning of time, give me a break. The beginning of time is not 1400 years. Or the perhaps in the muslim world the world has existed for only 1400 years. Where did you go to school?

and may you find knowledge and leave ignorance


17. Taleb Haqq - March 25, 2007

You have failed to enlighten me with your understanding of Ayaan 😦
Ever since Prophet Adam (which is what I meant by the “beginning of time”) Obedience to God’s commandments have been attacked.

Hirsi Ali (and yourself it seems) has not been clear on what she is doing. Is she promoting atheism or attacking Islam.

What is it that you are pointing out with these posts?

I pray for our guidance. and thank you for your “prayer”!

18. vinelectric - March 25, 2007

well, thanks for your prayer as I definitely need it!

your nice words don’t touch me anymore. only reason does. I know parents who accept their children as being gay. I don’t know how God can reject the poor creatures, punishment yet be more merciful than those human parents. but most tolerant parents are weakly religious or atheists. makes you think that non believing humans are more ‘humane’ than those who had their fitrah corrupted by religious dogma..

19. Amir - March 25, 2007

Dear Taleb,
Thank you for responding and keeping channels open. I really do appreciate our dialogue. Today is Sunday and I must join my new christian friends for a church service. I found mercy with Jesus.
Unlike the hatred and the feeling of vengeance found in Islam.
If you could only see, my friend. May God bless you and your family.
Soon I will answer your question.
Very best regards

20. Taleb Haqq - March 25, 2007

Vin: Now you’re switching the topic to “acceptance”…I believe the most humane would be the ones (and I know of a few) who help their children through this ordeal and aid them in not sinning so that they will not deserve God’s punishment.

21. Taleb Haqq - March 25, 2007

Salam Amir,
Thank you for your kind words. I pray that God guides you to whatever is best for you.

22. Amir - March 26, 2007

Dear Taleb and Rasheed,
Thank you for permitting me to express myself.
We may not agree on many subjects.
Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a good person and I believe you are kindly people.
Protect her.
Regards God bless you
God in is wisdom permits me to continue being an agnostic.
Why? He loves infinite diversity

and we will talk some more soon


23. Amir - March 26, 2007

Dear Vinelectric,
God does not reject you , your children, or even the ones that reject you or your children. God is all powerful and God is all helpless.
He wants us to help each other and forgive each other. And when we do not he cries. Remember if Hell exists there is no one in it.
God and mercy go hand in hand.

God or Allah Bless


24. vinelectric - March 28, 2007

Taleb Haqq..

the humane parents you talk about are those who help gays through their “ordeal”. so they think being gay is an ‘ordeal’ to begin with. that is a clever form of brainwashing.. you convince someone that they are doing something worthy of punishment and then you offer help to get them out of that state… absolute mess..

25. Taleb Haqq - March 30, 2007

Vin: There is a faith. It has rules about things you can do and things you can’t do. God promises paradise to those that do good and stay away from evil. These parents are helping their kids stay on the right path towards Paradise. Where is the mess?

26. vinelectric - March 30, 2007

Yes there is a faith, among hundreds of faiths in the wolrd..I’m just trying to decide whether it is more valid than other faiths.. if it is sensible then I accept it if is not then I question it..

the parents want to help the kids stay away from evil..nice…but the confusion and mess we are all in is that the parents think it is evil to begin with… talk about the right sentiment in the wrong situation…. to help these kids they have to convince them that what they are doing is evil and/or it will lead them to hell….

what if the parents come to their senses and see that there is nothing evil whatsoever about homosexuality..

what if they see that the same legislators who prohibit homosexuals from being true to their feelings are the same who allow heterosexual men four women and an unrestricted number of slave girls…

don’t get me wrong.. it is not all about sex but about companionship.. I am not allowed even a single partner because of some obscure reason… If I insist on having a partner then I will be outcast from society and cursed… while the naturally heterosexual’s wedding is celebrated by the masses mine would be a license to kill… can you see the logic of that?… I can’t..

27. Amir - April 10, 2007

Man his a great sinner. But do you know the greatest sinners are the Mulahs and Immams and the other rulers of the Islamic faith. Did God prohibit homosexual behavior. No! It is man that introduced this into the Qur’an, the bible etc . Does God permit the removal of the Clitoris in young woman in certain parts of Muslim world. No! it is man that put this barbaric practice in place.
I do not believe in Hell but if there is , you will find the Mulahs and Immams, priests in there. But how can Hell exist when God is supposed to be all merciful. Big contradiction.
Although I do not believe in Islam anymore, I still read the Qur’an I can now detect the parts that were introduced by man and the parts inspired by God or by the goodness within Man if God does not exist.
Vinelectric continue your search because Allah loves infinite variety and the questionners.

28. Amir - April 10, 2007

Is Allah merciful? When you call Hirsi Ali, a liar are you being merciful.
Did you have your penis torn from your body as am child? Hirsi Ali was raped by her faith by Islam. Were you? It is no wonder she renounced Islam. She uses the mind that Allah gave her. She has integrity There is something really wrong with Islam and I am finding out more and more every day and although all religions in the hand of man become monsters. Islam seems to be the worst. Thank Allah that I am out.
I could tell you stories Taleb but….. soon you will learn more

From a good friend

29. Taleb Haqq - April 11, 2007

I fail to see what the link is between female circumcision (which I agree is not Islamic) and homosexual behaviour (which is forbidden in Islam)…in any case.
You have proclaimed your disbelief, I am sorry to hear that…but I do sense a huge confusion on your part (you don’t really know what you believe in and I pray that God guides you to whatever is best for you).

As for your second post: Are you suggesting that I become a pacifist? 🙂 No thank you. If someone is claiming something against Islam, they better believe that there are people out there who are ready to refute their claims. Let me ask you this in return: Are you being merciful when you condemned the people of knowledge to Hell? We are here to present our points. Hirsi Ali lied…so I call her a liar.

What is this integrity that you speak of? When she lied about her story of “fleeing” her life? Dude, read up on the exposures that were written about this lady about all the lies that she has told…then come back and re-evaluate your claim of integrity.

You may reject Islam, that is your choice, but if you are going to come here and make general statements like “there is something…wrong with Islam…Islam is the worst” please do so with a little bit of integrity and argue specific points…you have over a billion people out there who think otherwise 🙂

Having said that I will not approve any of your comments if they contain such statements, unless you are arguing specific points.

Your brother in humanity,

30. Qusai - April 11, 2007

Salam Amir

I note you complained about the mercy of God and his willingness to place certain people in Hell. To say that God is infinetly merciful (Omnibenevolent) sounds right but on the other hand one would be wrong to conclude from such a statement that God is wholly-unconditionally merciful. Let me explain the flaw in this type of thinking.

Fact is He is ‘just’ and that entails being merciful to those worthy of it and being cruel to those who deserve so. Perfection is an attribute that implies the ability to make sound judgement. As people vary in their intent, sin and keeness on worship so the judgement of God of their deeds will naturally vary as well.

Being ‘unconditionally merciful’ is a restriction of the capacity to bring about fair judgement and, in fact, comes across as unrealistic and incoherent. So it would be misleading to speak about the attribute of omnibenevolence loosely without paying attention to what it really means. In conclusion the presence of Hell is compatible with the mercy of God (swt) if one bears in mind that God is as ‘Just’ as he is ‘Merciful’.

Hope this helps

31. Amir - April 15, 2007

Taleb, QuSai,
Let me first say that I respect both of you.
And I do not share your religious beliefs.
But this does not in anyway imply that we cannot enter into
a frank but cordial discussion.

There was a time when the Islamic Civilization was considered the most advanced and progressive

civilization in the world. This was due to its accomplishments in practically all disciplines of knowledge.

However, after the 16th century the situation changed drastically. Learning and inquiry was no more the

motto of Muslims – with the result that today they occupy the lowest rung in the ladder of the world. They

are educationally backward, scientifically marginal, politically insignificant and economically poor. This

is the present status of the entire Ummah (Muslim community) amongst the comity of nations.
They are poor in spite of the richness of the oil rich countries who would be in a position to turn things

around. The oil rich muslim nations are greedy and want to keep the people poor and ignorant and in the

hands of the Immams or Mulahs. Indeed in this way they may be controlled. Yes, their is no lack of money

for the madressas. The per capita income in Saudi Arabia has been reduced four fold since oil production

has beeen nationalized in that country. Why?

literacy in the Christian world in 1980 was 90% on an average and about 15 countries had a literacy of

100%. On the other hand, average literacy in Muslim countries was less than 40%.

More or less the same situation continued after 1980, and in 2001, UNDP reported an average of 60% literacy

in Islamic countries and between 95% to 100% in the Western nations of Christians. Among the literates of

the Christian world, hardly 2% of the population did not complete school-level education whereas 50% of the

so-called literates of the Muslim world had never attended modern schools.

In Christian society, literacy implies at least a primary level education whereas in Muslim society a

person who can read and write is considered literate. If the criterion of the Christian world is taken into

account then hardly 10% population of Muslim countries can claim to be literate.

Now for what God forsaken reason our we in this situation. Muslim populations are as intelligent as the

rest of the world.

Now I will advance an hypothesis, however bold, and furthermore please, I do not want to insult anyone,

here it comes, it is because of religion, an invention of man. A tool to control an ignorant populace by a

powerful elite. But even worse this elite begin to belive their garbage. Am I going to far? Sorry.

So when a woman like Hirsi Ali , rises above her fears she is labelled an “Arrogant Ignoramous”.
Somewhere in what she says, she may be wrong. You know errors that creep in when we are angry or afraid
My people go beyond their thought. Worse she is treathened by death. Is this Islamic?

Oh! Yes 130 million women across have treated with ” female circumcision” . Nice euphemism.

And you say that is not Islamic. A lot more people than you think are not Islamic.

No offense is intended. Just facts.
There is more to come and I may create my own Web site soon.
It was time for me to take a step forward.
Like ùhirsi Ali I am Free at last free at last.
Sorry for my poor English , but it is not my first language.

With love I remain


32. Taleb Haqq - April 15, 2007

Please re-read your post. I don’t understand the post that you are trying to make. First you say that Muslims were at one point at the peak of civilization. And then you say the Christians became as such. At the end you say that that you and Hirsi Ali are “free”.

Please be specific when you are criticizing, are you criticizing Islam or Muslims. Islam is perfect, Muslims are not. Muslims, like any other people, have difficulties and make mistakes…like any other peoples.

Hirsi Ali is criticizing Islam itself, she has no knowledge of the subject yet speaks as though she is a scholar therein, this is why I called her Ignorant. All Muslims believe in Heaven and Hell, she says there is no such thing as Hell. That is why I called her Arrogant because she is arrogant against her Lord and Creator. This is my belief and I am presenting it as such.

You can state all the “facts” that you want but they seem useless when there is no point for them to support.

Praying for guidance to us all.

33. Taleb Haqq - April 16, 2007

I should let everyone know that I deleted comments that Amir wrote that a) were offensive and b) were adding nothing to the discussion.

34. Qusai - April 18, 2007

Salam Amir,

The stats you quoted do not prove the point you are trying to make. I can flag up statistics that tell you that the Scandinavian countries, which happen to be one of the most non-religious in the world, also have the best standard of living, lowest crime rates and best literacy rates. What happens when you apply your logic to a comparison between a secular and a christian nation?

The point being that you can not judge a religion by the standard of living of the constituent population if you bear in mind that such standards vary over time and between countries for completely different reasons.

Female circumcision dates back to the Pharonic times and in my country of origin there are infact Islamic activists who use the hadith to fight this backwardly practise. It may be true that the Arabs have adopted this practise but it is surely not Islamic.

I don’t think you will find an audience who would agree we should jump ship because we happen to be poor. If we are impoverished we adopt better marketing strategies, if uneducated then we strive to improve that as well. The link with religion is quite shallow.

I am also baffled by your claim that you were freed from faith. But you have just embraced another faith with its own discipline, reward and punishment. I don’t see the logic behind that.


35. Taleb Haqq - April 20, 2007

This message is for the guy who calls himself Amir, or whatever he wants to be called today (Jamal etc…)
They invented something called IP addresses so I can tell when you are posting even if you use different names 🙂
I would advise you to stop wasting your time and ours.

36. Qusai - April 21, 2007

Salams Taleb,

Thanks for raising an interesting point.

I don’t have a blog of my own but was wondering what, in principle, is wrong with logging in with different names on the same blog. Bloggers seem to be annoyed with that and I can’t think of a rational reason why the curious reaction to multi-logging. As long as new and interesting ideas are being injected to stir up discussion. That’s the whole point of blogging, isn’t it?

Take care

37. Taleb Haqq - April 21, 2007

W’salam Qusai,
I wouldn’t have an issue with it except that in this particular case the person was trying to go around the fact that I was not approving his pointless messages by trying to use a different name (while posting the same kind of messages).

38. Rasheed Eldin - April 22, 2007

Salam Qusai – I personally do object to that, and don’t see it as being a beneficial thing in discussion. It’s fine if it’s just two personas asking questions or something, but it’s a different matter if you’re trying to get somewhere in a discussion with someone, in which case it helps to develop your mental ‘profile’ of that person to understand how best to dialogue with them.

Let me show you what “Jamal” wrote, which obviously wasn’t approved, and I think you’ll get the point:

“This site seems very barren. Not much activity going on.
Strange. What is it’s purpose?”

39. Issa - July 19, 2010

Though I have not met or talked with Ms. Hirsi personally, I know the man she said she was forced to marry. He was my roommate at the time of their marriage and is my childhood friend and an avid basketball player who played basketball for one of the Somalia’s well known Seria A teams. He and I grew up together and were roommates at the time of their marriage in Nairobi, Kenya. I still remember the day he left for Kenya to visit his family in Mombasa. His travel to Kenya was solely for a family visit. He had no intention of marrying Mrs. Hirsi as he did not know her at all. I guess things changed when he got to Kenya and met with friends and family who introduced him with Ms. Hisri.

I know that for a fact that Ayan is a liar because she lied about my friend and their marriage.. Ayan said that he was older than her. My friend is now 45 years old and at the time of their marriage which I believe it was 1992 he was only 27 years old. Ayan is either about his age or may be 2 or three years younger. I also know for a fact that she was never forced to marry his. I was there when Ayan used to call him collect almost every other night. So why would you call collect someone that you don’t love and you were forced to marry? Ayan was never a refugee. She lived and studied in Nairobi, Kenya. Even her older brother in Nairobi attested to that when the journalist from Netherlands went to Nairobi, Kenya. The reporter visited the schools that she attended and met with her teachers. She laid about her age, name, family, status, religion of Islam, and above all about my dear friend. I think this lady is nothing but an opportunist who will do everything for money and fame.

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