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Irshad Manji had a great fall September 11, 2006

Posted by Rasheed Eldin in Uncategorized.

What with all these recent mentions of our favourite lesbian refusenik, I just couldn’t help but give in to popular demand and post this classic footage. Watch her in the bottom-right corner: you may need to play it over a few times…


Don’t laugh… tsk tsk, now that’s not nice.

UPDATE: Now also on Google Video.



1. Yousef - September 12, 2006

Actually, on second thought, you may WANT to play it a few times 😉

2. not an arab but still a woman - September 13, 2006

it was funny she fall down because she was not in balance but where is she in balance, neither in her thoughts nor in her attitude and also not in her book and writings.

3. DrM - September 14, 2006

That was fast and sweet. I didnt even see the lightening bolt.

4. Isa - September 16, 2006

Nice. Shame she got up…

5. sonia - September 21, 2006

right, you say don’t laugh so why have you posted it?

rather childish don’t you think!

6. Rasheed Eldin - September 21, 2006

It’s a significant moment in televisual history. Did you laugh? Naughty naughty.

7. Real Muslims dont discriminate - September 24, 2006

remeber, America And Israel, and many other Muslim hating countries or people want you to do this so they can use it against you. How low can you people go. you people give a bad example abut what Islam is really about. Yes Irshad Manji is a sellout, yes she’s got an annoying attitude, but use the time you’ve been givin on earth to make friends and not enemies. and stop pointing at other peoples faults before looking at your own.
it’s people like you that make America and Israel look good.

8. Rasheed Eldin - September 24, 2006

O wise one, please do explain further how to be a “real Muslim” in your eyes. We have plenty of friends, don’t worry. But people who decide to be enemies of Islam and Muslims, we will not take as friends until they repent.

9. Taleb Haqq - September 24, 2006

Dear Real Muslim,
Thanks for your comment. I’m still wondering what your point is, though. Irshad Manji is not only a sellout but she is someone who is leading others astray. Honestly, I could care less if she, alone, decided to go astry but her active role in misrepresenting Islam to people is the reason, I believe, she needs to be responded to. We can no longer sit idle while people like her and other extremists hijack our faith. Real Muslim, Muslims face enemies from all walks of life, we can no longer label “others” and say they are the source of all of our problems. While I’m not excusing the polices of America or Israel towards all human beings I feel that it is time that we all did our part towards true representation of Islam in accordance to God’s book and the Sunnah of his Prophet Peace Be Upon Him.
I honestly don’t understand your point at all but I stated these points in order to make it clear what the objectives are.

10. A - October 4, 2006

Every fall has a rise!!!
She is rising as she is Irshad Manji, a tiny muslim woman with a quicksilver tongue and a lightning intellect.

11. Not Laughing - October 4, 2006

I think it’s sad that you guys laugh at someone else’s pain, it doesn’t matter who. Yeah I don’t like her and she seems like a sellout but that doesn’t mean we have to be sadists 😉 If she got defeated in a debate or something, yeah that would be funny, but I don’t see how you guys can be happy over someone’s physical pain. Truth be told, it’s kind of….scary! We’re all humans. Like for others what you like for yourself. I find it interesting how we humans can always remember parts of the religion about other peoples conduct and “forget” about religious orders that would make our behavior unjustified.

12. Yousef - October 5, 2006

😮 fear mongerer at it again. Be afraid…be very very afraid. Franky, what’s scary is that out of the whole website you decided to post ONLY about this post.
A: she has enemies on all sides of the fence, her only supporters are the zionists and neo-cons.
Not Laughing: you need to laugh a little bit, otherwise life leaves you with a bitter taste.

13. Rasheed Eldin - October 4, 2006

Intellect?! That’s it, I can’t hold the laughter back any more!

14. ummak - October 12, 2006

salaams firstly excellent blog i will be visting regularly inshallah, secondly this just made my day!! Auntie Irshad went down hard!!! HA! thank you so much! wasallam

15. ummzak - October 12, 2006

i posted this on mpacuk forum hope you dont mind…keep up good work and thanks for your kind comments about mpacuk too! 🙂

16. Rasheed Eldin - October 12, 2006

Sr Umm Zak, you’re very welcome and thanks for posting the link. As you see, my comments on MPAC haven’t been entirely positive, but I do wish to be respectful regardless. I think it’s quite sad that someone on your forum has already suggested that I am, and I quote:

“probably one of those who thinks that ‘there is no zionists lobby’ and if there is they have no power, and also that the ‘neocons maybe nice people, we need to discuss islam with them’. in other words, living in bloody denial”

This kind of comment is exactly what I mean by comments that don’t make me come back for more! I mean, if he’d bother to read my site he’d know better. But there is a tendency over at your forum to just attack, attack, attack. And not many people are deserving of such treatment.

Anyway, I was made more negative towards MPAC by the fact that I joined the forum, posted an introduction and was then banned without explanation, and nobody responded to my e-mail asking why. Perhaps you could oblige?

17. ummzak - October 13, 2006

pls differentiate between mpacuk the organisation and just some random posters on the public forum. As for your banning we do not ban unless the forum rules are contravened, and only trolls are permanently banned. Please feel free to rejoin.

18. Rasheed Eldin - October 13, 2006

Well of course I should, but at the same time, both are part of the experience at the MPACUK forum, indeed the “random posters” of course outnumber the official spokespeople. And I wonder how much difference there is in the two categories’ approach, if such are the people who are attracted to post there. Moreover, I do have disagreements with some of the offical articles, as I’ve mentioned on here (e.g. in that Pav storm).

But anyway let’s not dwell on this, as I’m sure you can consider my criticisms in good spirit and not worry about them too much. All the best.

19. Sarah Lee - October 20, 2006

I laughesd so much my neighbours heard me thank you for clearing my lungs, i had a lot of phlegm going on there, comeiong towards winter, nice warm up!

20. Kerry - October 23, 2006

I didn’t get a laugh. This site is labelled “principled” so your contribution doesn’t fit.

21. ABD - December 3, 2006

kerry, thanks for the reminder about the subtitle of the site. this post is neither principled, compassionate nor islamic. and Allah knows best.

22. Rasheed Eldin - December 3, 2006

Very wry. But this controversial post aside, what basis have you to write us off?

We are principled because we return always to the Qur’an and Sunnah, respecting scholarship through the ages and today. We are compassionate because we wish to understand people’s feelings and problems, and don’t go to excesses in condemnation. We are Islamic for the same reason as we are principled: our principles are Islam as opposed to any other worldview.

23. ABD - December 3, 2006

as-salaam alaykum, brother rasheed

i was talking about this post, not the site. but my sincere advice to you is to reflect on what this post says about your project and your approach. if you find that your site is consistent with the tagline but the post is not, i suggest you take the post down.

and while i’m at it, i would also ask you to rethink “exposing” people to a degree where you post pics of them online. this can have serious consequences: in other (unrelated) cases, exposing personal identities (names, pictures, sometimes even including their home address) has led to politically or ideologically motivated violence by someone who found this kind of personal information on a site.

and Allah knows best.

ps. and no, i am not writing you off.

24. Rasheed Eldin - December 4, 2006

Wa ‘alaikum assalam.

I’ll certainly give that some thought.

But we don’t post pictures online: the only pictures we’ve used are already online, as the people seem quite proud of their mugshots.

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