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Gay Pride “Honours” for Manji & Khaki September 10, 2006

Posted by Taleb Haqq in Homosexualists, Proggies, Queer Muslims.

If you haven’t been following this year’s Toronto Gay Pride coverage, here’s what you missed: Award Honourees Announced.

El-Farouk Khaki was honoured for

Spirituality: El-Farouk Khaki, lawyer and human rights activist, El-Farouk is the founder of Salaam Canada and the local Salaam Toronto chapter. Salaam is a Muslim Identified Queer Advocacy and Support Organization, providing support, resources and lobbying on behalf of their membership for greater tolerance and inclusiveness in the Islamic community.”

So now Salaam is for “inclusiveness in the Islamic community…” but they won’t do this by debating the mainstream Muslims (see my previous post on Salaam Canada and the El-Farouk Effect).

Anyway, the real treat is what Irshad Manji got honoured for:

Human Rights: Irshad Manji, the best-selling author of “Trouble with Islam” [sic], which has been published internationally, including in Pakistan, Turkey, India, and Lebanon. An ardent advocate for the role of critical thinking and thoughtfulness in religious and political discourse, her work and activism has had tremendous implications for human rights issues for women, people of other faiths, and queer communities around the world.

Human rights, huh? Are we talking about the same Manji here?  The Pro-Zionist anti-Arab? The one who loves to appear on the O’Reilly Factor because he won’t cut her off (since she agrees with him on almost everything)? Not even the proggies like or agree with Manji and they constantly criticize her pro-Israel stance against the Palestinians.  Even the failure Tarek Fatah has some very harsh words for Manji.

While we’re on the subject of Manji, you may enjoy this following picture. 

Irshad Border Fence

It’s of Manji posing at the Israeli side of a border fence…Now we know who her supporters are.


1. Rasheed Eldin - September 10, 2006

“Now we know who her supporters are.”

As if we didn’t know!!

2. Rasheed Eldin - September 19, 2006
3. Tariq - October 6, 2006

More Manji-bashing by another queer activist, but one who’s not so keen on Israeli atrocities.

Says Jack Fertig on MuslimGayMen:

“Irshad Manji raises a lot of necessary questions — telling the truth, often, yes. ‘Only telling the truth’? Far from it. She only tells as much of the truth as is convenient for her. She is very much a self-promoter who ignores the work of others. She is dishonest in her deliberate ignorance of people and organizations that have been brought to her attention.

“At the heart of her “progressivism” is unfailing, uncritical, and again, dishonest support of Israel. Her Zionism has earned her the support of the Canadian news empire run by neo-con Zionist Conrad Black. Her speaking tours are supported and heavily attended by Zionist groups.

“When I went to a luncheon at the local GLBT Community Center where she spoke the crowd was largely Jewish and I recognized a number of officials from local Zionist organizations. When she was asked about queer activism, feminism and human rights activism she answered entirely about herself, promoting herself as THE lone pioneering figure… never mind al-Fatiha, the various feminist Muslim groups and efforts, the PMU or MCC, Tariq Ramadan, etc…. Rather than discussing honestly the diversity and efforts within the Ummah, she just promoted herself as the savior of Islam to non-Muslims who couldn’t be expected to know any better.

“The reasonable questions that she does ask, the issues that she does raise, are pretty self-evident and are raised by many others who lack her media connections and promotion. They are also dealt with much more honestly by others who are really more interested in finding answers and less with their own media connections and promotion.”

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