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Mumisa frets about literalism September 4, 2006

Posted by Rasheed Eldin in Proggies, Responses, Shari'ah.

Michael Mumisa, who still hasn’t seen fit to respond to our questions on his views about homosexuality, has just had an article published criticising Shariah TV, which I shared some of my own thoughts on a while back. I think he’s rather taken the whole thing a bit too seriously:

Michael Mumisa: How young muslims are being led astray (The Independent)

By promoting a discussion based on halal (allowed) and haram (prohibited) answers, punctuated by Koranic verses, Shariah TV has become just another fatwa machine. The debate on Islam in Britain should shift from an obsession with simple black-and-white answers to a radical re-think of the method and approach adopted in producing the answers.

The only fellow “Muslim theologian” Mumisa makes mention of here is Professor Mona Siddiqui, director of the Centre for the Study of Islam at the University of Glasgow. Taking a look around, something interesting starts to emerge.

There is/was a visiting lecturer, Dr Sharuq Naguib, covering “Gender and Islam”. Nothing disturbing so far. But see the PhD being researched by Amanullah De Sondy: it’s “The Notion of Masculinity in Islamic Texts”. Again, doesn’t seem of much concern?

Well, just see this outline from Asifa Siraj, also pursuing her PhD at Glasgow (different department), whose research on “The Islamic Concept of Masculinity and Femininity” leads her to ask:

  • How homosexual Muslims ‘accommodate’ themselves within Islam’s heteronormative social structures?
  • How they reconcile their faith with their sexuality, and whether this represents a challenge to the Islamic heteronormativity?

She previously published a chapter, “‘On Being Homosexual and Muslim: Conflicts and Challenges”, in this book. As to whether there’s collaboration between Siraj and De Sondy, I don’t know.

What is emerging from Glasgow University? That remains to be seen.



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See this exchange of views between me and a fan of Mumisa’s over at Rolled Up Trousers:


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Turns out he’s more than a fan – he’s a colleague.

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