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Queer Muslims never happy? August 27, 2006

Posted by Rasheed Eldin in Queer Muslims.

The Islamic Society of North America has just elected its new president, Dr Ingrid Mattson, the first woman to hold the post! A positive step for equality, right? Yet this news is greeted by Al-Fatiha’s Faisal Alam philosophically:

i wonder if they would’ve elected a woman if she wasn’t white and a convert.

What’s really priceless is the response from Fake-Sheikh “Daayiee Abdullah”:

I”m of the opinion she’s led around like a person on a leash. Her VP [Imam Mohammed ibn Hagmagid] is a known homophobe and he was the one who refused to train me at the masjid–and Saadiya frequently reported he referred to me as that “gay” fellow and he would not provide me the opportunity to do an internship. So do we continue to give praise to an organization that continues to promote Muslims in the US and Canada as white converts to appease the white Christians who live in these countries? Don’t forget the article last year on their magazine cover–a lot of muslims of color turn to these “converts” as if they’re demigods (and isn’t that idol worship?).

Daayiee’s absurdity knows no bounds. But now, at least, he has exposed his other name: Sidney Thompson. And by the wonders of technology, you can see here a picture I just dug up (taken in 2002).Sidney aka Daayiee

Be sure that we will continue to expose these people’s words and actions, and to critique their arguments. They, in their turn, will try to ignore us, and might occasionally take an ignorant swipe with no engagement on the issues. Sad, really.

The Sidney/Daayiee Files:

The Stripy Charlatan 
Daayiee’s latest heresies
Daayiee vs. the “rabid homophobes”


1. Yousef - August 27, 2006

Hmmm, I have a feeling that Faisal and Daayiee are trying to play the “race” card…knowing that ISNA’s past president as of Pakistani descent (as is Faisal) and the VP was an African American convert (REAL sheikh Siraj Wahhaj) (as is Daayiee). And I think I know when they might be happy…when it is THEM that are running the show. Power hunger is definitely not a sign of Islamic leadership.

Daayiee’s comments on demigods and idol worshipping expose how worthless his arguments are. Daayiee, there’s no need to be jealous of someone who has worked hard for her faith and got elected by a group of people to lead that Islamic world.

2. DrM - September 3, 2006

Well mwu’s resident flamer Jawad Ali has done the same. Playing both the race and gender card. Disgusting.

3. sonia - September 21, 2006

when you use the term ‘expose’ – it sounds rather disturbing.

Sad really

4. Rasheed Eldin - September 21, 2006

Why are you sad?

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