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MCC shatters August 27, 2006

Posted by Rasheed Eldin in Proggies.

According to an absurdly biased article in Canada’s Globe and Mail, the widely trashed and detested Muslim Canadian Congress is no more. (Whence the bias? The writer’s surname just happens to be Fatah… go figure.)

Some background at this recent post: Muslim Canadian Congress: Fatah’s Latest Failure

I can’t imagine why the MCC and the Fatahs (oh, and the new “Canadian Muslim Union” crawling from the wreckage) would wish to air their filthy laundry like this. Perhaps their thirst for column inches is even more extreme than I realised. Anyway, you can read their letter here.

This amusing news follows the dissipation almost exactly a year before of PMUNA. And while we’re on the subject of phoney groups, I treat my British brethren to this link.


UPDATE: MCC has chosen its new leader, obviously a rather confused woman (appropriate for this confused crew):

Farzana Hassan-Shahid, recently elected president of the Muslim Canadian Congress (MCC), said yesterday her organization supports homosexuality, from a human rights point of view.

“It doesn’t go well with the others in the community because our stand is misunderstood,” said Hassan-Shahid. “People think we’re justifying it from an Islamic standpoint. We’re not. We recognize universal human rights and also that homosexuals living in Canada are as much Canadians as anyone else.”

What’s to understand? You’re a “Muslim” group saying that what Islam says doesn’t matter. This is not about who is human or who is Canadian. It is Allah you will have to answer to for what you are promoting.


1. Taleb Haqq - August 27, 2006

Perhaps this is what happens when you have “religious” and non-religious people trying to run a “religious” organization. Also amusing is the author’s use of the word “splinters” when describing this clear sign of power hunger amongst the members. May Allah guide us all.

2. DrM - August 27, 2006

I weep for them…………..

3. Rasheed Eldin - September 4, 2006

See update: new leader.

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