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Advocates of Change August 22, 2006

Posted by Mujahid Mustaqim in Concepts, StraightWay.

I just noticed that someone has added Eye on Gay Muslims to a list under the Wikipedia entry for: Ex-gay. The little description next to the link says: “Advocates Change for Gay Muslim’s”. Aside from the punctuation error, and the fact that we say we’re not “ex-gay”, I want to note something about our idea of change.

Change is something every one of us must seek and work for.
Change is central to being a successful human being.
Change is a journey with no end except the end of this life.

So for those people who read that person’s description of us “advocating change” to mean a switch from a supposed “homosexual orientation” to a “heterosexual orientation”: you’ve got it wrong. We advocate self-development, i.e. that people should set their goal for life, seeking Allah’s pleasure above all, and go for it.



1. Rasheed Eldin - August 23, 2006

Nicely put!

2. sonia - September 21, 2006

I’m confused – are you gay Muslims or not?

3. Rasheed Eldin - September 21, 2006

You might remedy the confusion by reading more. And if you have any specific questions, you can raise them.

4. Yousef - September 22, 2006

Sonia how is that at all relevant to the topic of this post?

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