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Ignorant claims about Hadith August 9, 2006

Posted by Rasheed Eldin in Islam, Proggies, Queer Muslims.

The founder of the Al-Fatiha Foundation just can’t help forwarding things that expose further the deep fallacies and theological bankruptcy at the sick heart of the Queer Muslim Movement. Faisal Alam has just forwarded his friends a piece entitled Did Muhammad Really Say That? – calling it a “good article on the validity of hadith”. The central point in the article surfaces early on:

Because the hadith carry so much weight, any new interpretations could have dramatic effects on Muslim societies — influencing views on issues that include the rights of women and religious minorities and the compatibility of Islam with democracy. And a Hyattsville woman, Saida Malik, questions the hadith in part because the stories were gathered by males.

Yet even those who advocate change acknowledge it won’t come easily.

“There’s resistance because it means changing the culture,” said Pamela Taylor, co-chairwoman of the Progressive Muslim Union. “It’s a very threatening thing to look hard at your religion and say we’ve been doing it wrong for the last 1,100 years.” 

It’s not just “threatening”, it’s plain stupid. The science of hadith criticism is vast, deep and awe-inspiring, and is surely the forerunner to scientific methods developed in the Muslim world and later in the West. Take a look at this IslamOnline section, which includes an answer to the fallacy that the hadiths were compiled only by men. I also highly recommend this book by Mohammad Hashim Kamali. On the question of the authority of the Sunnah, please see this online treatise by Mufti Taqi Usmani. EDIT: Plus this nice piece on “The Hadith Project“!

I wrote before about the heresies promoted by Daayiee Abdullah with regards to Hadith. This ridiculous man claims to be a scholar of Islam, yet refuses to reveal who his supposed teachers are, lest they belie his claim to scholarship – which is a most flimsy claim indeed. With regards to the one credential he claimed, we have already exposed him as a fraud.

What should be clear is that our disagreements with the Queer Muslims extend farther and deeper than a mere single issue. To support their fallacious views on sexuality, they need to advocate a radical “reinterpretation” that makes their “Islam” utterly different to what the rest of the Muslims accept.

All I want to do is bring these things to readers’ attention. Some Muslims who have same-sex attractions fall into these evil people’s snare so that they end up believing their nonsensical claims about the Qur’an and Sunnah, the very sources and origins of Islam. I only hope that the majority of Muslims with SSA will realise the reality of the Al-Fahisha people and their like, and stay well clear. There is always a better way.


1. Yousef - August 9, 2006

It’s quite disturbing…
What the proggies want us to believe is that there really is no such thing as Islamic Sciences. They want us to think that Islam can be studied by picking up the Qur’an and interpreting which ever way we want. The same thing about hadith. Do they not realize that this is EXACTLY what extremists do? Extremists, on both ends of the scale, interpret the texts according to their own free will.

This is exactly where moderation comes in. The sciences need to be studied thoroughly and not with a shallow look at texts and determining “oh, this must mean this”. This was never the case in Islamic history. Even the companions of the Prophet (peace be upon him and all the Prophets) used to question each other and ask each other after his death as they no longer had the luxury of just going to the Prophet himself and asking him. It is very well established that some companions and the generations that followed them were more knowledgeable than others and some where specialized in certain areas. For example, our mother Aisha was very well versed in issues of Islamic Jurisprudance (determinig whether something is permitted or not Islamically). Others were experts in the Qur’anic study of “Tafsir” or interpretation such as Ibn Abbas.

Which brings me to the point of Hadith. It truly is a science of its own with different branches and fields. It is quite amazing how far scholars have delved into such topics and they have spent their lives in order to bring us the scholarship that we have today (and they weren’t only men…)

May Allah repay them for what they have provided for us and may He make us of those who follow the best of what they learn.

2. Masood Khan - August 19, 2006

As we know Quran is the ultimate book of guidance and truth. But I think that can be debated according to your ordinance because it lacks a chapter or surah defining homosexuality as the way of life i.e surah Al-gay I guess…..

3. Rasheed Eldin - August 23, 2006

I’m not sure what you mean Masood, feel free to explain further.

The Qur’an certainly does not define “homosexuality” as a way of life, but that is not a deficiency in the Qur’an: it is a small reflection of the fact that “homosexuality” is a novel concept that does not fit into the Islamic worldview. Nor is anyone, Muslim or non-Muslim, forced to consider “homosexuality” to be a real “orientation”, since these are ideas and not matters of fact.

By the way, there doesn’t need to be a Surah named after an issue for that issue to be addressed in the Qur’an! I think you realise that.

4. Rasheed Eldin - September 3, 2006

Someone just forwarded me this nonsense-spouting session with PMUNA’s Ani Zonneveld. Look at these obscenities (crimes against knowledge):

“The hadith (traditional sayings and customs of the Prophet) is full of contradictions. It’s got hadith that is in support [of women-led mixed-congregational prayer], hadith that is against. And there are a lot more hadith against women leading prayer on the basis that a woman’s soul is equivalent to that of an animal’s, so therefore women do not qualify because they are not human enough, or women are too insane to lead men, you know. Very derogatory references as to why a woman should not lead a co-ed congregation. It contradicts the Quran’s posture of man and woman as equal in spirituality.”

I’d be fascinated to see her quote these supposed hadiths.

5. jackmoe - September 4, 2006

the issue is simple this is a message to all gay muslims you want to be gay fine do it but dont call your self a muslim and go find another religion because what we have going on is enough >
but if you want to be amuslim to keep the true faith going go read the story about the prophet “luut” and why there people were erased off the earth>
islam is a simple clear religion why make it hard>
quran haa alot off science facts that scientests in the west just found now will it was in the quran 1400yr. ago (exp)in the quran it tells you the steps that abbay is formed in his mother from the time the sperm enters the egg until the birth of the child >
the problem is not islam the problem is us we shouldn’t go running to change the quran because there is a problem with us we here in the world for a test (go to hell or heaven) its simple obey allah the way he told us and not make the same mistake the jews and christians mad by changing everything to suit themselves>
last thing you still think gay is another way of life go ahead BUT DON’T CARE MY RELIGION’S NAME WITH YOU>

6. Rasheed Eldin - September 4, 2006

Brother, perhaps the issue is simple, but people are much less so. Remember the mercy of the Prophet (pbuh), as he explained that he is grabbing us by our belts to stop us rushing headlong into the Fire.

We should be deeply concerned for people, so that we urge them in the most convincing manners to change their ways, so that they may be saved. And this means helping them to grow in faith so they may grow also in understanding and resolve.

Telling people to “find another religion” certainly won’t help.

7. Rasheed Eldin - October 23, 2006

In his contribution to a debate at the Imaan UK e-group about Imam Misbahi’s comments, Afdhere Jama of Huriyah (and a voluntarily blindfolded supporter of his “Imam” Daayiee), noted:

[…] that is what we want as
queers, as muslims, as humans… for muslims to stop
carrying out the hadithi laws. it does NOT say in the
qur’an to murder gay people. how can muslims of
conscious in iran, iraq, saudi arabia, nigeria, etc,
execute people and say it is “from” the qur’an?

Just another quote for anyone who still can’t see just how perverse these Queer Muslims’ conception of Islam is. Left with just the Qur’an, they would understand nothing. So they use their own fantasy and desire rather than obeying Allah’s Messenger (peace be on him).

8. Raashid - March 22, 2007

Is the touching of the private parts between two men,mutual masturbation and kissing (no anal sex) between two men wrong according to the quran and hadith?Please provide me with the relevant quotation from the quran/hadith.

9. Rasheed Eldin - March 22, 2007

Raashid – I don’t want to go into details on that subject in this thread, as it’s not relevant to the topic. Also I am not a jurist, who could issue fatwa.

However, in brief:

* There is hadith evidence even against seeing others’ private parts, let alone touching. “A man must not look at a man’s private parts nor must a woman look at a woman’s private parts; neither should two men lie naked under one cover, nor should two women lie naked under the same cover.” [Muslim]
* The Qur’an commands us to preserve our private parts except with our married (necessarily opposite-sex) partners, or those in the category of “ma malakat aymanuhum”. [See 23:5-7]
* Masturbation is generally considered prohibited anyway, but as a sexual act between two people not married, it is definitely prohibited. The degree of sin between two men (as opposed to a man and a woman) may be more severe due to the additional sin of homosexuality itself.
* Kissing is not in itself prohibited, perhaps depending on what type of kissing. Most crucially, it depends on the intention. If it’s characterised by homosexual desire, then my argument is that it would most definitely be haraam. However, I have not yet seen a fatwa that made this explicit.

I invite you to read my argument here:

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