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Muslim Canadian Congress: Fatah’s Latest Failure August 6, 2006

Posted by Taleb Haqq in Homosexualists, Islam, Media, Proggies, Religion.

A little bit of background information first.

 The Muslim Canadian Congress (not to be confused with the older, more mainstream and established Canadian Islamic Congress) is a “grassroots organization that provides a voice to Muslims who are not represented by existing organizations; organizations that are either sectarian or ethnocentric, largely authoritarian, and influenced by a fear of modernity and an aversion to joy.”  No joke, this is from their website.  It seems that they brand all other organizations under those  4 categories….anyways, that’s for a different post I guess.

They are a hodgepodge group willing to stir up anything that will remotely go against fundamental understandings of Islam and mainstream Muslims.  They sport the likes of El-Farouk Khaki of Salaam Canada fame (previously blogged about on this page)

So, recently, Canadian news services reported that the MCC’s Communications Director, a certain Tarek Fatah, as having quit his affiliation with the group because he fears for his and his family’s safety.[see CBC, Globe and Mail, Toronto Star amongst others]  The big discussion going on on the Globe and Mail site is focusing on the importance of free speech and how sad it is that he’s getting these threats etc.  But there is something that is quite important here.  I normally detest the National Post, but, in their article, they cite Fatah’s resignation letter to the MCC board in which he stated that the reason for his departure is “an increasing heavy load of work”.  It also makes mention of an upcoming book.  That’s interesting, this fact is not mentioned in all of the articles…so what’s the true reason?

Anyways, add this to Tarek’s latest failures…the PMUNA (The Progressive Muslim Union of North America), which claims Fatah as a member of its board, lost 3 of its board members almost a year ago (they resigned).

Fatah needs to realize that moderate Islam IS tolerant and that he is doing nothing except take an unnecessary extreme that is based on obscure teachings an unfounded stances.

Guidance to all inshallah.



1. E.C - August 8, 2006

hey guys,
i know i was harsh a bout the gay thing the first time i heard about it but after being afflected with such a trial and i became homosexual my self, lesbian, i understood the case, and that it is a matter of weakness in Iman it is maybe more or less like any other sin but you have to let it go rught away and do not indulge yourself deeply in it coz it would turn afterwoeds to addiction.
well, me and my mate were very disgusted from the way we were, and we tried to seek help but we couldnt, and where we live no one thinks of the problem in a very good way.
so we tried to make tawba and to seek the help of Allah and one day we used to pray two Rakah after Isha pryaers only to erase our sin and we called it our prayer we used to open Quran and recite on which page we opened the Qura’n, and on one day we opened on Al-Ankabut 29:1-45, after reciting these verses we knew the hidden message Allah sent to us, we knew how Big and disgusting our sin was by mentioning the story of Prophet Lut and the punishment that Allah did to his tribe then the colsong verses gave us the cure and it is in the verse 45:
1. reading Qur’an on regular bases (Tartil Qur’an)
2. performing prayers (Salah)
3. remembering Allah (Zikr)
4. fearing Allah and knowing that He watchs us all the time.
we tried to do these four steps together with some of ours like trying to be away of any act that would tempt us to get back to what we used to be and being with good company (Suhbah Saliha) also we tried to work in Da`wa.
And here we are Alhamdulilah, we are close friends still, but strugling in the way of Allah and not mislead by the Shaytan.
tell me what do you think about our experience and try it for regular 6 months and you’ll be totally cured inshAllah.

2. DrM - August 8, 2006

Good post. His main interest in life is being a well-to-do desi politician, thats why he’s pinned his hopes on Bob Rae. It is heartening to know that he is widely seen as the decrpid mendacious charlatan that he is.

abu Nusaybah - November 5, 2010

I reviewed Tarek Fatah’s book, Chasing a Mirage (2008), here. I think you’ll find it interesting.


It is valuable for us to look at all sorts of opinions, and it is also vital to know when information if factual or falsehood.

3. talebhaqq - August 9, 2006

Salam EC,
It’s great to hear such stories, Praise be to God. Feel free to join our yahoogroup (groups.yahoo.com/group/StraightStruggle) and share your experience and give your advice there.
Glad to hear and insha’Allah He will guide us all 🙂

4. talebhaqq - August 9, 2006

Salam, thanks for the post. Yes it seems he is a power hungry man. If you notice, he NEVER proposes any points in his arguments, he is always opposing other points. May Allah Guide us all.

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