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Queer Muslims never happy? August 27, 2006

Posted by Rasheed Eldin in Queer Muslims.

The Islamic Society of North America has just elected its new president, Dr Ingrid Mattson, the first woman to hold the post! A positive step for equality, right? Yet this news is greeted by Al-Fatiha’s Faisal Alam philosophically:

i wonder if they would’ve elected a woman if she wasn’t white and a convert.

What’s really priceless is the response from Fake-Sheikh “Daayiee Abdullah”:

I”m of the opinion she’s led around like a person on a leash. Her VP [Imam Mohammed ibn Hagmagid] is a known homophobe and he was the one who refused to train me at the masjid–and Saadiya frequently reported he referred to me as that “gay” fellow and he would not provide me the opportunity to do an internship. So do we continue to give praise to an organization that continues to promote Muslims in the US and Canada as white converts to appease the white Christians who live in these countries? Don’t forget the article last year on their magazine cover–a lot of muslims of color turn to these “converts” as if they’re demigods (and isn’t that idol worship?).

Daayiee’s absurdity knows no bounds. But now, at least, he has exposed his other name: Sidney Thompson. And by the wonders of technology, you can see here a picture I just dug up (taken in 2002).Sidney aka Daayiee

Be sure that we will continue to expose these people’s words and actions, and to critique their arguments. They, in their turn, will try to ignore us, and might occasionally take an ignorant swipe with no engagement on the issues. Sad, really.

The Sidney/Daayiee Files:

The Stripy Charlatan 
Daayiee’s latest heresies
Daayiee vs. the “rabid homophobes”


MCC shatters August 27, 2006

Posted by Rasheed Eldin in Proggies.

According to an absurdly biased article in Canada’s Globe and Mail, the widely trashed and detested Muslim Canadian Congress is no more. (Whence the bias? The writer’s surname just happens to be Fatah… go figure.)

Some background at this recent post: Muslim Canadian Congress: Fatah’s Latest Failure

I can’t imagine why the MCC and the Fatahs (oh, and the new “Canadian Muslim Union” crawling from the wreckage) would wish to air their filthy laundry like this. Perhaps their thirst for column inches is even more extreme than I realised. Anyway, you can read their letter here.

This amusing news follows the dissipation almost exactly a year before of PMUNA. And while we’re on the subject of phoney groups, I treat my British brethren to this link.


UPDATE: MCC has chosen its new leader, obviously a rather confused woman (appropriate for this confused crew):

Farzana Hassan-Shahid, recently elected president of the Muslim Canadian Congress (MCC), said yesterday her organization supports homosexuality, from a human rights point of view.

“It doesn’t go well with the others in the community because our stand is misunderstood,” said Hassan-Shahid. “People think we’re justifying it from an Islamic standpoint. We’re not. We recognize universal human rights and also that homosexuals living in Canada are as much Canadians as anyone else.”

What’s to understand? You’re a “Muslim” group saying that what Islam says doesn’t matter. This is not about who is human or who is Canadian. It is Allah you will have to answer to for what you are promoting.

Abdal Hakim Murad: homophilia vs. family August 23, 2006

Posted by Rasheed Eldin in Islam, Proggies, Responses.

Below I’ve excerpted from an article by Abdal-Hakim Murad, the Muslim scholar and Cambridge lecturer also known as Timothy J Winter. In it, he discusses an Islamic theological perspective on homosexuality, touching on a few matters.

By the way, you can find in his writings and speeches an intense dislike for “Wahhabis” (see for example this, this, this and this one under a pseudonym). Yet you will find no solidarity here with the likes of Fake-Sheikh Daayiee Abdullah, whose rant about “rabid homophobes” I highlighted four months ago.

There is no difference between Sufis/Traditionalists and Salafis/Wahhabis on the matter of homosexuality. We are all “rabid homophobes” as far as Daayiee is concerned. Indeed, as he has suggested, so were the Companions of the Prophet (SAW)! I remind you of his shameful claim:

Prophet Mohammed, (Sallu Alayhi Wa Salaam or SAWS Peace Be Upon Him) “dislike” for homosexuality is a legal fiction created after the death of Prophet Mohammed, SAWS, by Prophet Mohammed’s, SAWS, companions.

Well, what noble company we find ourselves in! All Muslims, including the genuine Sufis, must stand united on these issues, not allowing the would-be “progressives” to suggest that only extremists are against them.

The below excerpt is from “The Fall of the Family”; click to read in full: [Part I] [Part II].


Advocates of Change August 22, 2006

Posted by Mujahid Mustaqim in Concepts, StraightWay.

I just noticed that someone has added Eye on Gay Muslims to a list under the Wikipedia entry for: Ex-gay. The little description next to the link says: “Advocates Change for Gay Muslim’s”. Aside from the punctuation error, and the fact that we say we’re not “ex-gay”, I want to note something about our idea of change.

Change is something every one of us must seek and work for.
Change is central to being a successful human being.
Change is a journey with no end except the end of this life.

So for those people who read that person’s description of us “advocating change” to mean a switch from a supposed “homosexual orientation” to a “heterosexual orientation”: you’ve got it wrong. We advocate self-development, i.e. that people should set their goal for life, seeking Allah’s pleasure above all, and go for it.

BBC World, “Heart and Soul” August 9, 2006

Posted by Rasheed Eldin in Media, Queer Muslims, StraightWay.

Shazia Khan has made a half-hour radio documentary on Islam, homosexuality and same-sex attracted Muslims, following her shorter segment, which we discussed here (then here and here).

[Sorry, no link to the programme just now. We’ll try and get one!]

It brings forth various characters, including ones similar to those in the Channel 4 documentary of January 2006, which I analysed here and here

However, the unprecedented thing in this programme is the inclusion of a voice (which is, unfortunately, very distorted by request) expressing a perspective just like what the StraightWay Foundation promote.

[“Aslam”] realised that he was attracted to boys when he was at primary school, but has chosen never to act on his feelings. He doesn’t define himself as “gay”; instead, he says he experiences same-sex attraction.

“According to some people’s definition, if they were to ask me certain questions and say, ‘Do you feel attracted to people of the same sex?’ – and if I said ‘Yes’, then they would say, ‘Well, that means you’re gay.’ People can make their own definition, but I don’t think it makes sense, and I don’t identify myself that way. Because if I said that, I would be saying, well that’s the way I’ve got to be, and I’ve got to live my life according to that. I don’t think I’ve got to live my life according to how I feel inside – I live my life according to what I think is right for me. And what I think is right for me is to stay within the limits of the religion.”

For Aslam, that means never engaging in same-sex relations.

“For a man to be with another man sexually is completely forbidden, so I decided from very early on to not go anywhere near that.” […]

Aslam believes his feelings do not define who he is. For him, Islam is the most important thing in his life.

“I’m choosing faith over anything else, in a sense. I’m choosing faith over my feelings, in a way. But I feel faith gives me much more than any other aspect of life. Why should I feel that I’m missing out, if I feel that I’m living the right path and I’m pleasing God?”

Bravo, brother! Beautiful.

Ignorant claims about Hadith August 9, 2006

Posted by Rasheed Eldin in Islam, Proggies, Queer Muslims.

The founder of the Al-Fatiha Foundation just can’t help forwarding things that expose further the deep fallacies and theological bankruptcy at the sick heart of the Queer Muslim Movement. Faisal Alam has just forwarded his friends a piece entitled Did Muhammad Really Say That? – calling it a “good article on the validity of hadith”. The central point in the article surfaces early on:

Because the hadith carry so much weight, any new interpretations could have dramatic effects on Muslim societies — influencing views on issues that include the rights of women and religious minorities and the compatibility of Islam with democracy. And a Hyattsville woman, Saida Malik, questions the hadith in part because the stories were gathered by males.

Yet even those who advocate change acknowledge it won’t come easily.

“There’s resistance because it means changing the culture,” said Pamela Taylor, co-chairwoman of the Progressive Muslim Union. “It’s a very threatening thing to look hard at your religion and say we’ve been doing it wrong for the last 1,100 years.” 

It’s not just “threatening”, it’s plain stupid. The science of hadith criticism is vast, deep and awe-inspiring, and is surely the forerunner to scientific methods developed in the Muslim world and later in the West. Take a look at this IslamOnline section, which includes an answer to the fallacy that the hadiths were compiled only by men. I also highly recommend this book by Mohammad Hashim Kamali. On the question of the authority of the Sunnah, please see this online treatise by Mufti Taqi Usmani. EDIT: Plus this nice piece on “The Hadith Project“!

I wrote before about the heresies promoted by Daayiee Abdullah with regards to Hadith. This ridiculous man claims to be a scholar of Islam, yet refuses to reveal who his supposed teachers are, lest they belie his claim to scholarship – which is a most flimsy claim indeed. With regards to the one credential he claimed, we have already exposed him as a fraud.

What should be clear is that our disagreements with the Queer Muslims extend farther and deeper than a mere single issue. To support their fallacious views on sexuality, they need to advocate a radical “reinterpretation” that makes their “Islam” utterly different to what the rest of the Muslims accept.

All I want to do is bring these things to readers’ attention. Some Muslims who have same-sex attractions fall into these evil people’s snare so that they end up believing their nonsensical claims about the Qur’an and Sunnah, the very sources and origins of Islam. I only hope that the majority of Muslims with SSA will realise the reality of the Al-Fahisha people and their like, and stay well clear. There is always a better way.

Muslim Canadian Congress: Fatah’s Latest Failure August 6, 2006

Posted by Taleb Haqq in Homosexualists, Islam, Media, Proggies, Religion.

A little bit of background information first.

 The Muslim Canadian Congress (not to be confused with the older, more mainstream and established Canadian Islamic Congress) is a “grassroots organization that provides a voice to Muslims who are not represented by existing organizations; organizations that are either sectarian or ethnocentric, largely authoritarian, and influenced by a fear of modernity and an aversion to joy.”  No joke, this is from their website.  It seems that they brand all other organizations under those  4 categories….anyways, that’s for a different post I guess.

They are a hodgepodge group willing to stir up anything that will remotely go against fundamental understandings of Islam and mainstream Muslims.  They sport the likes of El-Farouk Khaki of Salaam Canada fame (previously blogged about on this page)

So, recently, Canadian news services reported that the MCC’s Communications Director, a certain Tarek Fatah, as having quit his affiliation with the group because he fears for his and his family’s safety.[see CBC, Globe and Mail, Toronto Star amongst others]  The big discussion going on on the Globe and Mail site is focusing on the importance of free speech and how sad it is that he’s getting these threats etc.  But there is something that is quite important here.  I normally detest the National Post, but, in their article, they cite Fatah’s resignation letter to the MCC board in which he stated that the reason for his departure is “an increasing heavy load of work”.  It also makes mention of an upcoming book.  That’s interesting, this fact is not mentioned in all of the articles…so what’s the true reason?

Anyways, add this to Tarek’s latest failures…the PMUNA (The Progressive Muslim Union of North America), which claims Fatah as a member of its board, lost 3 of its board members almost a year ago (they resigned).

Fatah needs to realize that moderate Islam IS tolerant and that he is doing nothing except take an unnecessary extreme that is based on obscure teachings an unfounded stances.

Guidance to all inshallah.