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Sodomy good, tattoos bad? July 18, 2006

Posted by Rasheed Eldin in Queer Muslims, Shari'ah.

If you can handle somewhat explicit writing, take a look at this post to get an idea of the contradictions inherent in the notion of being a “gay Muslim”. The writer himself goes that way, and describes a liaison he allegedly had with an unnamed Imaan leader. Needless to say, we can’t vouch for the accuracy of his account.

Will I go to Heaven?

In order to make their “Islam” accommodate the juicier things the queer Muslims are after, they need to throw gallons of water on it. In so doing, they inevitably wash away much of the religion, or at least the outward things they would rather do without. The prohibition on homosexual acts floats off alongside other “inconveniences”, so it doesn’t matter if the queer Muslims go to clubs and drink alcohol.

Yet there are some who insist on certain aspects, sometimes due to cultural influences (while paradoxically claiming that they are transcending culture and tradition to find the essence of Islam) – and that’s what results in charming stories like this chap’s.


1. believer - September 30, 2006

am sry sir .. but ur all informations about islam & muslims its wrong..
u may missunderstood. or u may make a war againest them..
and u say they like things and its forrbiddin in fact.. i dont know where did u bring ur wrong informations about muslims from
and finaly. Muslims cannever be gay.. orlike sodomy.. coz if he do it he gets out of islam..
plz be sure of what u r writing here..

2. Rasheed Eldin - September 30, 2006

Who, me? What information is wrong? You need to be sure what you’re reading too.

3. Taleb Haqq - October 1, 2006

“believer” can you bring your evidence that shows that if someon is gay they “exit” out of Islam?

4. Mujahid Mustaqim - October 1, 2006

Something tells me this is another of the visitors who hasn’t really thought over the issue much. We are happy to hear your views, but try to make sure they are backed up and not just blanket statements. We probably agree on the central matter (opposition to homosexuality), but we are against exaggeration in this matter.

5. Al Shams - October 4, 2006

Asalaam alaikuum! Rahmdhaan Muburak!

I am a gay muslim. I do not seek your approval , Allaah (SWT) has created me the way I am. If I were to become an ‘ex-gay” Muslim not a single one of you would treat me as a true brother- FACT. So I am resolved to be the best true believer that I can be(” Surely I have turned myself to Thee O Allaah trying to be upright…”) , just as Rasullullah (pbuh) said to Abu Hurairah “… either be a eunuch. Or marry on this matter the pen is dry.” Question: If Alexander the Great is mentioned in al Quraan as a beliver in Allaah(SWT), and in historical references he had relations with a wife(Roxann),Bagoas( a eunuch), and still debatable Hyphaestieon( his best friend and soulmate), Why is thier such hatred for us as Muslimuwn?

6. Taleb Haqq - October 5, 2006

Wa alaikum assalam Al Shams, Ramadan Mubarak to you too.
You seem to assume quite abit about “us”. I propose that you abandon this “us” and “them” attitude as we don’t know much about each other. I’m not sure what you mean by becoming “ex-gay”, care to elaborate? I believe you to be my brother in Islam and that encompasses quite a few rights that we have over each other (i.e. not to assume things about each other 😉 ) Perhpas you would care to reference your hadeeth…oh and also, where Alexander is mentioned in the Qur’an.

7. Rasheed Eldin - October 5, 2006

Salaam, welcome and we wish you a blessed Ramadan too. Your comments are interesting, and if you want serious dialogue, stick around. Here is my feedback following Taleb’s…
1. You say: “Allaah (SWT) has created me the way I am.” – So do you have some special knowledge of Allah? Or do you say of Him what you do not know? I think that what you mean to say is: “I find myself the way I am.” But you should be careful how far you project your interpretation of your feelings onto the Creator, as your presumptions may be thrown back at you and be a source of misery in this life and the next. And we seek refuge from that.
2. This “FACT” that you state: again, on what basis? Could you not just ask, rather than insist that we are as you imagine? But if you are willing to do this with the Lord of the Worlds, I don’t see why you’d stop at us humble slaves.
3. That hadith you quote: what is its source? It’s a new one to me.
4. Alexander is not mentioned explicitly, even though some commentators have opined that Dhul-Qarnain (in Surah al-Kahf) could be identified with him. We don’t take sources outside the Qur’an and Sunnah as the basis for any Shari’ah ruling, so historical speculations about Alexander have no relevance to our discussion. Bear in mind that even some great Prophets have been maligned with such accusations in the Bible. We reject such notions, including the one they made about incest against the Prophet Lut (peace be on him), that true pillar of morality.

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