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A duty for scholars July 18, 2006

Posted by Rasheed Eldin in Proggies, Queer Muslims, Shari'ah.

A commenter on this article said:

It may be the case that most of the scholars condemn homosexual practice as a sin. Not all of them do. I refer to Siraj Kugle’s work (available in the book “Progressive Muslims”. Don’t let the name put you off.) I would humbly suggest that just as we need female Muslim scholars to provide a female perspective on things, so we need scholars to discourse with gay Muslim intellectuals to identify whether all of the arguments surrounding Islam/homosexuality have been covered. My personal view is that they haven’t. And that does render their opinions on that basis alone susceptible to criticism as not having considered all angles.

Even if ultimately, practising homosexuality is haraam (and gay people don’t just sodomise one another), then the scholars need to provide practical solutions to living such as how to/whether to marry, how to live day by day, how to manage desire. I’ll restate that the methods need to be practical. To suggest fasting every day for the rest of ones life is completely unpractical for example. The net effect of that, incidentally, is no food and no sex (no partner?) for 50 – 70 years. Could things get any worse?



1. Yousef - July 18, 2006

It is unclear what is meant by “gay Muslim intellectuals”. I really hope he doesn’t mean the likes of Daayiee and his proggie posse. I think the discussion should be amongst scholras with those who are familiear with SSA even those who experience them.

2. mattfiq - May 20, 2007

i love the article, it stated the thing that i’ve been thinking for years. making guidelines for the gay muslim is one of the best choice in this ‘dakwah’ approach. but still the islamic scholars do not want to discuss this much because they were not open minded in new things happened surrounding them. pleaasse give us a chance at least to discuss this kind of thing academically and openly

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