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Some highlights so far July 14, 2006

Posted by Rasheed Eldin in Uncategorized.

I’m amazed to see that since I launched this blog less than 6 months ago, there are now 85 posts – most of which are quite substantial, including some detailed articles. All praise is due to Allah.

I rather wish there were a bar on the side of this template for highlight posts, or recommended reading… but in the absence of that, here is a list to guide new visitors who want to dive into our way of thinking! I have loosely categorised them to make browsing that bit easier.

Religious guidance:
Muslim Before Anything Else
“Are we going to Hell?”
Actions, Attractions and Personal Responsibility

Concepts (religious & philosophical):
L, G, B and T
Gay + Muslim = Gay Muslim?
We’re not “ex-gay”
The Dangers of Denial
Genetics and Morality

Gay Muslims (sociology & religion):
The C4 documentary (I)
The C4 documentary (II)

The Queer Muslim Movement:
The role of the “scholars” (also follow links at bottom of post)
Daayiee vs. the “rabid homophobes”
Interview with Adnan Ali
The power of wishful thinking
Imaan and Pride

Current affairs and controversies:
That storm in a teacup
Are gays perverts? (MEMRI & Qaradawi)
MCB to fight homophobia?
When Muslims are brick walls


1. Kathy - July 14, 2006

I am a Christian but I do not see any ministry for Muslims
who are struggling.

How would a Muslim start a group like the
Exdous group in America?

2. Mujahid Mustaqim - July 15, 2006

I started up the StraightWay Foundation back in 2002, and our main activity is our online support group. I’m not sure if the Exodus way of doing things would be right for Muslims, or according to Islam; but I’m open-minded about that.

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