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If you’re so ‘passionate about Islam’… July 12, 2006

Posted by Mujahid Mustaqim in Media, Queer Muslims, Responses.

…why not put that consideration above sexuality? That’s what I wrote about years ago with Muslim Before Anything Else, and I still feel that article is a good starting point for Muslims considering this issue. Instead we see in the media what Rasheed politely termed “typical fluff”, and here I will make a few remarks about another in the ‘series’:

Homosexual and ‘passionate about Islam’ (MSNBC)

It’s mainly about Imaan and their appearance at Europride, starring their secretary, Ubaid.

The article by Jennifer Carlile gives the Fahisha people yet another platform to go on about how “We exist! Honest!” and misrepresent the attitudes and opinions of mainstream Muslims and their scholars.

It confuses being with doing, and sinfulness with heresy. The ignorance of the interviewee isn’t balanced by the insight of the writer, let alone by comments from anyone with an articulate, alternative point of view (like you might find, well, here.)

Imaan’s members feel like they are targets of both a wider society that discriminates against Muslims, and a Muslim community that sees homosexuality as a Western disease.

Let’s be clear. Homosexuality, if it is to be called a disease, is not a “Western” disease. Who says it is? It was invented by the people to whom the Prophet Lut was sent, i.e. of the town called Sodom [Q 7:80]. We do not call it evil because it is “Western”, but because Allah has forbidden it – and as for His wisdom in that, it is quite obvious.

But let’s also be clear that the West has been the breeding ground for much promiscuity, and we believe that this impacts negatively on society. The undeniable influence of Western (especially American) culture on other societies has not just meant they have unhealthy fast food on their disposable plates: the impact goes much deeper.

Let’s be clear on one more thing: while homosexuality is not a “Western disease”, it is certainly a Western concept, and a very modern one at that. It has not been long since people started talking about “orientations” as an aspect of identity, and just because almost everyone talks that way now, doesn’t make it correct, let alone the sole way of interpreting the data (i.e. to describe the fact that some people are attracted to members of the same sex).

“Now we’re dealing with Islamaphobia within the gay community, and Muslims who say gays can’t be Muslims,” Ubaid said.

Anyone can be a Muslim. Even an idol-worshipper can become so, but will negate his Islam as soon as he bows his head in submission to something created. What is required is sincerity of belief, and commitment to obey God. If someone becomes Muslim then performs homosexual acts, he or she is a major sinner, but that does not negate their being Muslims. However, some people do indeed exit Islam as a result of their heretical beliefs.

Despite discrimination, Ubaid has found away to forge his own path and has reconciled his attraction to men with his love of Islam. 

What kind of reconciliation? None at all. Just a pick-and-mix. Ubaid, it is not required of you to “love Islam” – I don’t find that kind of wording in the Qur’an or Sunnah. It is required of us to love Allah and His Messenger, and our love of Allah must be manifested in submitting to Him and obeying His Messenger [Q 3:31-32].

Ubaid, who has always prayed regularly at the mosque, fasts for Ramadan, and does not drink alcohol, began dating men.

Which is worse: drinking alcohol, or going on dates (and whatever else) with other men?

[Ubaid said:] “If the Quran teaches you that everything God created is beautiful, then why would he create a type of person who’s always oppressed?”

For God’s sake man, read the whole Qur’an, not just one verse that you massacre for the sake of your desires. That is a disgrace, and you should feel ashamed before Allah for just that, if not for all the rest of what you are flaunting in disobedience of Him.


1. Yousef - July 12, 2006

God also created George W. Bush…how beautiful is that?

2. Azeem Ahmad - July 12, 2006


The West is not the breeding ground for promiscuity. If you want to hear about promiscuity go to rural Pakistan and you will hear many stories which can make the West look Angelic.

Homosexuality has been around since civilization has been recording history….plenty of evidence with the Greeks and Egyptians.

Reading the quoran and interpreting it to make judgments is not to be done lightly. Maybe we should take advice from some scholars who are proficient in Arabic and English to discuss this. What does the Quoran really say about the people of Sodom? I’m not going to pick up the quoran and make judgements on what I interpret from it. I’m not so arrogant.

Why are heterosexual Muslims so focused on demonising and excluding their brothers and sisters who Allah swt has created differently. How about spending this energy on saving those brothers and sisters who are being persecuted in Palestine or Guantanemo Bay.

Gay Muslims are not tearing the fabric of society apart. We have been here always and we contribute positively to our families and society. We ask Allah swt to guide ALL of us on the right path. Islam is about peace not hate. Lets be peaceful within ourselves let go of our hate and stand together for all our Muslim brothers and sisters being persecuted around the world.

Wa Salaam
Azeem Ahmad

3. Mujahid Mustaqim - July 14, 2006

> Reading the quoran and interpreting it to make judgments is not to
> be done lightly. Maybe we should take advice from some scholars
> who are proficient in Arabic and English to discuss this.

I wholeheartedly agree!!

> What does the Quoran really say about the people of Sodom? I’m
> not going to pick up the quoran and make judgements on what I
> interpret from it. I’m not so arrogant.

Are you suggesting that people like me are arrogant? What about the scholars I follow – should they be considered arrogant? I wonder if you’re advocating suspending all judgement on this matter until YOU are satisfied that the debate is settled?

Azeem, the highest scholars of the Qur’an and jurisprudence have already discussed the interpretations of the Qur’an in depth. Even the Prophet (S) has interpreted the Qur’an for us, and we have his statements on the matter – and his pronouncements are, of course, infallible.

There is Islamic consensus on this question (no matter what may happen or have happened in Muslim societies), and it is upon any challenger to this consensus to come forth with his evidence. Those reiterating and expounding the consensus do not share this burden of proof.

Finally, I hardly see that Muslims worldwide (even “heterosexual Muslims”) are so focused on this issue, which is actually hardly discussed at all. Even the existence of this one dedicated blog is hardly evidence of some big push from us “haters”. In fact, it only takes a fraction of the time Rasheed, Taleb and I contribute for Allah’s sake and in defence of oppressed people. We only ask Him to accept and guide these efforts.

4. Rasheed Eldin - July 16, 2006

Ubaid’s performance in this interview was worthy of the very worst. Said Faisal Alam, Al-Fahisha founder:

congrats to ubaid for a very brave interview with msnbc. great job!

yours in solidarity, brotherhood and love,

on the other side of the pond

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