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Typical fluff June 28, 2006

Posted by Rasheed Eldin in Media, Queer Muslims.

For their week of misplaced pride, the Toronto Star included a focus on “gay Muslims”, done in a way that is typical of so many articles out there on the subject, popping up in the press from time to time.

Farzana, a lesbian social worker, stated:

“Certainly, among more traditional and fundamental Muslims, we are being sinful just by existing.”

No, dear, it is not your existence that is sinful. It is your [plural – oh, English is weak sometimes] insistence on doing things your Lord has prohibited, and your choice to live according to the dictates of your desires rather than submit to awe of Him and humility before him.

See also: Salaam Canada and the El-Farouk effect



1. Yousef - June 28, 2006

It’s always useful for fringe and outlaw groups to try and play the victim.

2. Yousef - June 28, 2006

And yet again, the article, like the one also about Salaam Canada (earlier talked about on this blog), is as chaotic as ever. There is no point to the article. It seems as though the people writing the article have some friendship going with the folks at Salaam and are simply trying to give them visibility in any way possible.

3. jennyjumps - April 23, 2008

I think she may have been highlighting a similar issue that exists throughout Christian Churches. It’s not so much that traditionalist or fundamentalists teachings state that “being homosexual” as opposed to “acting homosexually” is intrinsically wrong, it’s that many people who identify as fundamentalist or traditionalist BELIEVE things oversimplified from the actual religious teachings because they don’t devote enough time to learning before beginning to preach.

4. Rasheed Eldin - April 24, 2008

That’s an interesting point Jenny, however I don’t tend to see these campaigners making a distinction between ignorant abuse from emotional Muslims on the one hand, and proper critique (or even condemnation) that comes from a faithful understanding of revealed scripture, on the other.

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