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Gay Muslims a BB staple? May 19, 2006

Posted by Rasheed Eldin in Media, Queer Muslims.

Shahbaz. Duh.It looks like Channel 4 is following up its January documentary (see here and here) with an in-depth case study as part of the seventh series of Big Brother in the UK. Shahbaz Choudhary is a 37-year-old Glaswegian "Paki poof" (his words, even though his family's Indian), and his first act upon entering the house was getting everyone up to sing "Celebrate Good Times". Eurgh.

Last year there was a chap called Kemal who pranced around in women's clothes, but is now apparently going out with a female fellow contestant. I do remember him chatting about sexuality and religion, and what better platform for sharing your ideas? Just ask George Galloway.

We wonder whether religion has much significance to this year's guy. He's been described as a hell-raising cross-dresser and apparently goes by the nickname "Trash Mahal". Someone joined a man-ogling forum yesterday to say:

Lovely to see Shahbaz on telly. I last saw him on roller skates, dressed as Wonder Woman, being pulled along a street in the west end of Glasgow by two dalmations on leads. He tried to get off with my boyfriend.

Sigh… Hopefully he'll be out of the house before long so I can save myself from giving him too much attention on here!



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