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Liar Hirsi “Ali” flees Netherlands May 16, 2006

Posted by Rasheed Eldin in Homosexualists, Islam, Media.

From Indigo Jo Blogs.



1. MENJ's Critical Thoughts - May 17, 2006

Hirsi Ali, the liar…

Looks like she’s having a rough time, alright. It seems that Aryaan Hirsi “Ali” (her last name is not even “Ali”), the b*ch who was behind Theo Van Gogh in making that horrible short film, Submission, had told tall tales regarding her background i…

2. Anastasia - July 28, 2006

A Dutch friend sent me this:

As to Hirsi Ali; I believe she’s from a good Somalian family, her father was
a poltiical adversary of the government and ended up in prison. She became a
refugee and landed in Europe, finally in Holland, where she received further
education. She became a member of the social-democrat party here and did
research in the field of the position and emancipation of Muslim girls and
women. She caused quite a bt of controversy with her anti-Muslim view and
was regarded a renegade Muslim by Muslims here. She joined a right-wing
party for political gain and got a seat in parliament. The party she joined
was a fervent supporter of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and openly held
anti-Muslim views. Hirsi Ali’s opinions were used as anti-Muslim and pro-war
propaganda and caused a deep rift between Dutch muslims and non-muslims. She
joined forces with filmmaker and columnist Theo van Gogh, who was known for
his racist and sensationalist opinions – not only anti-Muslim but also
anti-Jewish opinions. Together they made the film Submission, which was
based on Hirsi Ali’s views on the suppression of Muslim women but was
packaged as a cheap provocation of Muslims, it was meant as an insult and
was felt that way too. Van Gogh was murdered by a fucked Dutch Muslim kid,
who had radicalised because of discrimination in Dutch society, Abu Ghraib,
and radical contacts on the internet. He butchered Van Gogh in the streets
of Amsterdam and pinned a letter to Hirsi Ali to Van Gogh’s body. (This
sounds so completely crazy and un-Dutch as I write this, but it’s true). The
letter contained a challenge to Hirsi Ali, a test of faith: was she
prepeared to die for her beliefs just as Van Gogh’s murderer was prepared to
die for his? (Van Gogh’s murderer wanted to get killed, started a shoot-out
with the police, but just got wounded and was arrested, he’s in prison now,
completely isolated). Hirsi Ali disappeared from view for a while, had to
hide, probably hid in the US. She returned, but couldn’t function properly
with all the security measures that surrounded her. Then the right-wing
party of which she was a member entered into a battle for leadership. The
two candidates managed to draw a lot of media attention for a long while
with their staged disputes and chalenges. One of the candidates, a
right-wing hardliner, who was also Minister of Integration and was in charge
of matters concerning refugees and the deportation of unwanted foreigners,
thought she had found something to win support among her party members and
the Dutch public: she declared that Hirsi Ali had broken rules when she had
applied for Dutch nationality (she had lied about her identity) and that she
couldnot be considered Dutch for that reason. The Minister had hoped to win
a lot of support but had miscalculated Hirsi Ali’s popularity, and lost the
battle for the leadership of her party over this issue. Hirsi Ali moved to
the US where she had been offered a job for a conservative think-thank and
was allowed to keep the Dutch nationality.

My personal opinion is that at a given stage in her development as a public
figure she was recruted by the military-industrial lobby, which were
preparing ground for Dutch participation in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan
at that time. The same may be true for filmmaker Van Gogh, although he may
have been too f****d and erratic to be recruted by any lobby. Van Gogh and
Hirsi Ali helped create an enormous rift in Dutch society between
non-muslims and Muslims and, a rift that served the purposes of the US
military-industrial complex, which are very active in the Netherlands. Van
Gogh’s dead and to many Dutchmen has become a martyr of free speech, to
people like xxxxx and me he is just a pathetic clown who would have done
anything to get media attention and who ended up miserable, butchered in the
streets of Amsterdam. Hirsi Ali will probably have been offered a good job
in the US as a reward for her work here: Holland has entered both the wars
in iraq and, recently, in Afghanistan. She accomplished her mission.

3. Abbas - February 16, 2007

I Belive Ayaan is Suffering from Childhood Problems
She may had a problems in her family right from the
Early years of her childhood thats is why all these
Anti Islamic laws are coming out her were ever she
Goes plus Thanx to American Media who gives help
to promote these kind of people who realy need Help
from the Muslim Society more over that Somalian society
i hope Ayaan may return to her past as a muslim women
doors are open untell last moment of life
& to the Rest of Somali people out in the World
Please Try to fix the error that can cause a somalian
kid runing away from the Islamic faith ….

4. saramarie.kimura - September 27, 2007

Ayaan is an elegant,inteligent, young woman speaking out against an archaic thought process known to Samali and refered to as culture. Mutilating young girls in a stupid tradition introduced by men (assisted by dumb elder women who have been indoctrinated to stupid traditions) Ayaan is a very brave young woman and I don’t blame her for leaving her country. Why not just start another stupid tradition and sew a stick to the male penis in somali?…or send them some viagra. `
Ayaan is ahead of her time and I have met with her personally. She is smarter than most men you could meet any where in any country. When she is older she will be revered for her strength to speak out and her wisdom to know that Somali muslim practices are not any Gods will but in fact is one of the dumbest practices on the planet. AND…I am certain the practice was introduced by impotent males of inferior intelligence. wake up from your stupor!

5. Taleb Haqq - September 28, 2007

SK: She is definitely not the first to speak out against female genital mutilation, many others before her have and many others continue to do so. Our problem with her is when she speaks out against Islam and Muslims and spreads misinformation therein, that is why we are criticizing her. She may be young, elegant and beautiful (maybe even smart) but that doesn’t stop her from being a liar 🙂

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