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Daayiee vs. the “rabid homophobes” April 27, 2006

Posted by Rasheed Eldin in Proggies, Queer Muslims, Responses.

Please see my reflections on The role of the “scholars” for some background to this. I always enjoy the comments of Daayiee Abdullah, the heretical fake sheikh of Al-Fahisha who runs the MuslimGayMen group. Every time he writes, he exposes himself as a sham, yet most of the members apparently can't see it: probably because they don't want to. For some reason, he often inserts a MODERATOR'S NOTE into people's messages instead of replying to them with his own opinion, like anybody else.

For the record, and I have checked with Mujahid, there has never been any StraightWay-initiated debate on there, and neither I nor he have ever posted there. I say this for two reasons: (1) Daayiee has lied about that more than once; (2) So you know that this current MGM disagreement has nothing to do with us. StraightWay doesn't bother with them, but I want you to know what happens on these groups.

So… someone posted a bunch of links to audio from the following: Dr. Jamal Badawi, Bilal Philips, Yusuf Estes, Abdullah Hakim Quick, Dawud Wharnsby … Maulana Syed Maududi, Maulana Habibur Rahman, Maulana Nisar Ahmed, Maulana Inayatullah Gujarati, Maulana Hafiz Mohd Idris, Dr. Farhat Ali Berni, Dr. Hasanuddin Ahmed … And in pops Daayiee with his power-trip note, followed by a separate message because he hadn't completed his rant.

[MODERATOR'S NOTE:  Brother Saleem Wala, I hope that you are aware that the people you are promoting are rabid homophobes.  I have heard several of their works concerning homosexuality and they promote the destruction of homosexuals. I wonder why would you send such materials to MGM members?  Are you here as a spy for them?  Or, are you so self-hating that you want to see all gay Muslims suffer as you do today? I would think you would perfer a place like StraightwayUK or other organizations that promote the demise of gay Muslims. Please reply. Brother Daayiee]

MGMers, Salaam.   Sorry, but I forgot to mention that these personalities are also extremely pro-Wahhabi-oriented, several are funded by the Saudi oil money, and they receive monies from ISNA and ICNA of North America. Most of that ilk are quite narrow-minded, Arab culture and tribal society focused folks.  They provide their poison in small doses so it more palatable. What do you say, Brother Faisal?   Brother Daayiee

Fascinating, as it is further exposes the agenda of these queer Muslims, or at least their "openly gay Imam". Which contemporary scholars are not "homophobes" by his standard? What about classical scholars and throughout the ages? Should knowledge only be taken from the LGBT-friendly ones? Who are they, and what is their contribution to the wider corpus of Islamic knowledge?

Remember that this is the Daayiee Abdullah who claims to be a graduate of GSISS and the special student of Sh. Taha Jabir Alalwani. See The Stripy Charlatan for details of this sham. Daayiee claims to have studied under various scholars, but doesn't name them. Is it because they don't exist, or that they don't know him, or that they would repudiate him publicly for his lies against them?

I want Daayiee to answer this: is Sh. T.J. Alalwani one of these "rabid homophobes"? Or do you claim that he has a non-disapproving view of homosexuality and those who practise and promote it, you being in the worst rank of such? I dare you to make your claim, then we shall see what Sh. Taha says about it. You will regret your lies and your artifical edifice will crumble around you, leaving only the die-hard deviants at your side.

In comes another user, who simply enquires: "I don't get it..none of the topics have anything to do with homosexuality…what's the big deal?" Daayiee 'replies' with another butt-in note: 

[MODERATOR'S NOTE: Salaam, Nasir. My note points out that a lot of their materials when it comes to halaal and haraam, homosexuality is always listed with murders, criminal types, et cetera–the same line that most Wahhabis promote.  These people, as I said, are funded by Saudi oil money and get paid through ISNA or ICNA or their own websites.  Look at their videos, read their materials–all are anti-homosexual.

Brother Muhsin (Inner Circle in South Africa) had a radio debate with Abdullah Hakim Quick and once confronted his arguments for promoting an anti-gay/anti-homosexual message fails flat on its face.  My point is that the way people package their materials frequently contain "hidden" messages that many hear and believe.

Nasir, just because something has written on it one thing does not mean it contains only that material.  If Prophet Mohammed's name is use/listed we should be careful because many people use Prophet Mohammed's name for their personal agendas and not for the promotion of truth.  In stating this, we must remain aware that when a writer or author produces a product, it does not mean they are not promoting additional personal beliefs that Prophet Mohammed did not support–for example, the Wahhabi doctrine of Islam.  Does that make my point clear?  If not, let me know. Brother Daayiee]

So does Daayiee want to say that only the "Wahhabi doctrine" is anti-homosexuality? Oh, come on. We Muslims have many differences and divisions, but on this, there is consensus. The only ones to break this consensus are queer charlatans like Daayiee Abdullah plus whoever is confused and/or desperate enough to believe them.

As for this Muhsin Hendricks: don't worry, he'll get our examination and treatment before long. It's interesting that Hendricks and friends have posted his side of the debate, but omitted the other side (always essential for a, erm, debate). One of our colleagues asked Dr. Quick about this debate, and he said that Hendricks was utterly defeated. If we can get hold of the whole thing, be sure that it will be coming up here for your perusal.

In the meantime, enjoy a Khutbah by the phenomenal Dr Jamal Badawi about same-sex marriages (from back when it was a controversy in Canada). Just scroll down this IslamOnline page until you reach Dec 10, 2004. There's also one by Dr Munir El-Kassem.



1. Yousef - April 27, 2006

What a fear mongerer!!! “Saudi oil money” is the cheapest argument in the book …it’s as if the groups that these scholars work with are Saudi agents or something.

Alahdmulillah I have had the opportunity to hear some of these scholars and thinkers speak and I must say they are very thorough in their arguments (I have had personal contact with Dr. Jamal Badawi and he is without a doubt in my mind one of the sincerest people I have met) He is also one of the most open minded people I have heard, I would highly recommend his lectures.

And to even think about using such language against Sheikh Maududi (May God have mercy on his soul) is appaulling…I wonder if Daayie even knows the history of these people.

Please, do post the transcript of this debate involving Sh. Quick (also one of the most charismatic and highly educated lecturers I have ever listened to) if you get your hands on it.

I’m looking forward to Dayiee mentioning his scholarship credentials. Perhaps he thinks that he’s “special” and can ward off the “evil” that these scholars project (by “being their student”)…and that it’s his duty to “protect” the others…
It’s a bird..it’s a plane………
it’s soon to crash inshallah.

2. Mujahid - April 27, 2006

Notice that Daayiee doesn't even have enough respect for the MGM members to back his contentions with detailed reasoning, let alone analysing the work of any of these world-renowned scholars (though I don't know them all) and show why he disagrees. He thinks it is sufficient to slander them and tell people not to listen to them at all.

That is pathetic.

On this site, at least we don't stop at calling our adversaries rude names: we deconstruct what they say, and provide links and quotes so you can judge for yourself. Daayiee obviously doesn't have faith in the intellect and judgement of his followers, who I hope are not all content to be sheep for this evil shepherd.

3. TALA - July 27, 2006

I don´t understand your way of thinking not because we are gay or lesbian. we can not love Allah or do everyday prayer or give a sadaka,
The best way to keep us away of our religion or rejecting is by this stupid message saying that we go to hell if we are gay.

I am muslim lesbian wommen I pray everyday and I fast and I do everything to be a good person. not because I am lesbian I go to hell.
I believe that ALLAH is Bigger than this.

4. Rasheed Eldin - July 27, 2006

Who said any of those things? Are you referring to this article, or to the blog as a whole? Are you referring to the blog, or to what you assume we must be saying, based on your preconceptions?

I suggest you spend some time to read the posts, and understand our message. Based on what you’ve written, I reckon this post would be a good place to start:

5. manondessources - October 4, 2006

you can twist every message that dayiee said to follow YOUR AGENDA. i am not gay and i respect dayiee, whom i find a truer muslim than all of you put together. just listening to dayiee talk about god lift one’s spirit. he doesn’t carry hatred or disrespect to any kind of humanity. listening to dayiee doesn’t make anyone straight person becoming gay, but it helps you find the true way to god. i see dayiee as a sincere guide back to the islamic faith to all those gay people that have been rejected by infidels and religion twisters like yourself.

6. Taleb Haqq - October 5, 2006

greetings, you can choose to believe the twisted words of dayiee in order to suite your desires. Perhpas your argument might be a little more believable if you actually had proofs to support your statement not just lashing out at others. The argumens posted on this website are cited and they are directed towards statements and stances. You might want to do the same with your comments.
A bientot!

7. Rasheed Eldin - October 5, 2006

What rot. You’re not gay and follow Daayiee? Are you Muslim? On what basis do you call us “infidels”?
Look at this article: http://www.whitecranejournal.com/61/art6108.asp
What do you think of this statement in it?
“Prophet Mohammed, (Sallu Alayhi Wa Salaam or SAWS Peace Be Upon Him) “dislike” for homosexuality is a legal fiction created after the death of Prophet Mohammed, SAWS, by Prophet Mohammed’s, SAWS, companions.”
That is a better measure of who can be called an infidel.

8. Saleemah Harris - December 7, 2013

I humbly ask God to grant you peace. I am a Muslim woman who tries hard to obey God. I did not get a whisper from a devil to be sexually attracted to a woman, however I had many difficult situations in my life. I am now 52. I had many times that I was depressed in the past but not any more. I know now that I am cured of that. I had depression off and on for thirty years and now I am cured of it. God cured me. I do not take any anti depressants or any other prescription drug. God cured me. If God cures, then no human or jinn can afflict a problem.

Part of the cure was that I did not feel sorry for myself. I read a lot of comments of people here that say that they have felt attraction to the same sex, and then the person says that they hate themselves or want to kill themselves.

Do not hate yourself or kill yourself. Just keep asking God for help. I asked for help for many years, and now the help came from God. I also understand why it took so long. That is something private between me and God. I do not blame God. It was my fault, and the fault of other creations, but I did not understand it before. I did not kill myself and I am now extremely happy every day and have a wonderful relationship with God, our Creator.

It is sinful to do sexual acts with someone of the same sex. Please do not bother people with suggesting that sins stopped being sins. But if someone does not want to marry a person of the opposite sex that is alright. Spend your life doing charity. Go help people who are starving. Go help people who don’t have water find water. Help old people. Help drug addicts. Help orphan children. Experience love that is not sexual love.

And if maybe you meet a person of the opposite sex that you want to be married to, then that is a blessing.

It is important that when people have thoughts to do sins, including sexually desiring a person of the same sex, that they do not tell others. We are supposed to reject bad thoughts and not tell about them. If someone said in the past they are are gay, just don’t call yourself that anymore. If you did tell people that you are gay, go to them and tell them that you are not anymore.

I really am not affected if people mock me for what I say. I am not afraid to stand alone, as long as what I say is what God loves.

Rasheed Eldin - December 8, 2013

Thank you Saleemah, and God bless.

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