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Pav, FOSIS and more nonsense April 18, 2006

Posted by Rasheed Eldin in Media, Queer Muslims.

Shortly after the NUS elections, I posted my thoughts on the apparent strategy taken by the Federation of Student Islamic Societies, which was coordinating Muslim delegates at the conference. I also posted a follow-up.

The issue hasn't yet gone away, and the situation hasn't been helped by the silent attitude taken by FOSIS since then. As I said before, they don't have to answer for decisions taken democratically by delegates; but it would help if they explained some points, as a way of stemming the nonsense we have seen here and here and now here in the Muslim Weekly:

FOSIS blamed for NUS elections loss

Aside from pointing out how unbalanced this piece by Hamza A. Bajwa is (especially for using some anonymous Leeds student as the source for all allegations, who later "rebutted" and even "confirmed"…), I only wish to reproduce the quotes of Pav, as they are quite interesting.

Pav said that his sexuality was something he was personally "contending with" and insisted he has never recognised homosexuality as permissible in Islam.

"If people understand that I recognise I have a shortcoming and that homosexuality is haram in Islam, in my view, that should be enough; this should not have been an issue in this case in my opinion. If I’d turned around and openly said ‘this is a platform I’m standing on as a gay Muslim to advocate gay rights, then even I’d have supported them (FOSIS)," he said.

I hadn't expected this sort of comment, especially not from someone who has worked on the Labour Campaign for Lesbian & Gay Rights.



1. Yousef - April 18, 2006

Very interesting indeed…I think this warrants a very deep discussion with the brother.

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