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Same-sex marriages banned in Nigeria April 11, 2006

Posted by Rasheed Eldin in Media, Religion.

The Muslim News reports that Nigeria is reacting to advances in "LGB rights" in the UK and elsewhere:

Nigeria has banned same-sex marriages after Justice Minister Bayo Ojo called them ‘unnatural and un-African’. […] 

Even though homosexuality is already illegal in Nigeria and in the north can be punishable by stoning the guilty party to death, a further bill was deemed necessary following developments abroad. Gay unions in Nigeria are now punishable by five years imprisonment without the option of a fine. Minister Ojo added that people who support or aid these gay unions could be liable for the same punishment. Furthermore, pro-gay protests and public displays of homosexuality have all been made punishable offences.

[…] When presenting the Bill, Minister Ojo said that the Bible and the Koran prohibit gay unions.

Note: I placed "LGB rights" in inverted commas not because I believe that people identifying as L, G or B shouldn't have any rights, but because I don't believe it's right to consider same-sex unions as equivalent to marriage, either morally or legally.



1. Keseimu - July 7, 2006

WHat, you mean mean they weren’t already???

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