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The Stripy Charlatan January 23, 2006

Posted by Mujahid Mustaqim in Queer Muslims, Responses.

Mr Daayiee Abdullah

This strange man is known as “Imam” Daayiee Abdullah, and he is trumpeted by his colleagues at the Al-Fahisha Foundation as being the world’s only openly gay Muslim scholar, and similar nonsense.

In the couple of interactions I’ve had with him, I’ve been astonished by his unwillingness to engage with alternative points of view. He writes with great assurance, and perhaps his many readers in the Muslim Gay Men group will be convinced by his posturing.

On a number of occasions, I have invited his people to debate, but they have always refused. Yet they then claim that we are the ones refusing, or even that debates have taken place and we have been refuted! (Thankfully, these are things that can be easily verified by recourse to evidence. I can provide mine in a later post, but for now let’s stick to the subject at hand.)

Recently, Afdhere Jama, editor of Huriyah Magazine, said the following on a public group:

also, at huriyah, it is more a mixture of cultural/faith/regional. we don’t talk about islam all that much. i would like to see how people are dealing with the question of islam and sexuality, in a more open and honest writing.

I ought to let you know of a bit of history between me and Afdhere. My ‘debate’ with him was probably the most substantial I’ve had with that lot, and I was very disappointed with the level of intellectual engagement I met. See the article I posted here, then our to-and-fro here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here… While you’re at it, note Al-Fahisha chief Faisal Alam’s response to my challenge, and see how I answered him.

Anyway, after Afdhere’s recent plea for “open and honest writing”, I put to him the following: “In that case, would you be interested in views that are not “gay-affirming”? How about some features where you ask a question and there are 2 alternative responses, say one from me and one from a prominent Al-Fatiha member? How about a feature with exchanges between me and such a person, to allow people to understand the dynamic of the debate?”

His reply?

the most prominant person from al-fatiha is a sheikh 🙂 someone who actually went to school (for 16 years) on islam alone. his name is daayiee abdullah. if you have someone with such high islamic knowledge, that can be verified, i would welcome that.

but i’m not going to ask daayiee to debate with a self-hating someone who is not versed in islam.

I’ll freely admit that I’m no scholar, but then again, I’m not the one with the outlandish claims contradicting all Islamic scholarship, and of course source-texts.

Now to the point of this post. Daayiee (or whatever his real name is) touts himself as “a person trained in Arabic as a linguist and grammarian, a legal scholar in Shari’ah and Fiqh, a scholar in comparative legal systems” (talk about pompous) – yet I am still to see any evidence for this.

He claims to have graduated from the Graduate School of Islamic & Social Sciences, and further claims to have had a close association with their main scholar, Sheikh Dr. Taha Jabir Alalwani. Yet Sheikh Alalwani has had a forthright fatwa published clarifying Muslims’ proper stance against homosexualist groups.

When this was posted on Muslim Gay Men, Daayiee made one of his “Moderator’s Comments”, which I present here:

When I see such materials as this passed on as “absolutes” which are utilized for the purpose to “place blind fear” in LGBTQ Muslims’ minds it once again shows how limited many Muslims are by their literal interpretations of Allah’s greatest gift to humankind. As a graduate of GSISS and having had the opportunity to study with Dr. Al-Alwani as one of his top students for more than two and a half years, he affectionally called “Sheikh”, and refused another to sit at his right hand–a honorific position in a madressah, I must set the record straight so to speak. Dr. Taha did not teach in his courses what has been suggested here in this article. Dr. Taha frequently explained that Allah’s message was for all of humankind for all time, and since time has not ended, there is much to learn because our perspectives are limited, e.g., what was considered a truth 1400 years ago, we know today is not a truth today–therefore, there is much room for growth in understanding and interpretation. Dr. Taha also taught us to have an open mind because Allah is always revealing to humankind his diversity and bounty through nature. Dr. Taha further warned us to not utilize Al-Quran Al-Kareem to substantiate our personal prejudices.

Though I have seen this particular statement at Straightway in the UK, I know this is not Dr. Taha’s writing style, but a compilation of one of his students and an employee of the Fiqh Council–whose name I will not mention–and put forward as Dr. Taha’s work. I know that Dr. Taha’s mind and heart is very different than how he is portrayed here. I sincerely see such statements as “political” Islam and community pressures–for example, GSISS implimented a new rule in its Student Handbook in 2002 (and not there prior) that made it mandatory that students adhere to a “code of conduct”–read as you cannot be openly gay or promote an understanding that homosexuality is permissible in Islam–that was pushed by members of the school’s Administration after they learned I was gay–and not the true expression of a great Islamic Shaffi’i scholar, a man I affectionally refer to as “Abi”. Again, as Dr. Taha taught, I must be wary of accepting anything and everything that is put forth as “Allah’s only” truth–except for shirk, for Allah’s mercy is far greater than his wrath, and everyone’s judgment is based upon one’s intent and not one’s circumstances. When this message is taken to a clean heart, Allah’s mercy and justice is evident, and Allah’s creation is not limited by human interpretation.

Fine claims indeed! I am certain this charlatan is Sheikh T.J. Alalwanilying against Sheikh Alalwani, since I have read some of the latter’s work, including on on The Principles of Jurisprudence, and he is a respected mainstream Muslim scholar, not a bizarre hack-ademic like the others referred to by the Muslim homosexualists.

I have corresponded with the GSISS, and now have good reason to believe that Daayiee never graduated from there. I now challenge him to come up with his EVIDENCE.

Of course, the burden of proof is on the one who claims the existence of something. So if he has any certificates to back up his claim to scholarship, he should be obliging enough to show the world.

I expect he will retort that he is in no need to prove anything. I beg to differ. People’s trust in him is based on their assumption that he is properly trained and certified in the Islamic sciences. Doubt in that claim, let alone proof that he is a liar, will be fatally damaging to his charade.

So let’s hear from him, and while he’s at it, why not let us hear from his colleagues at GSISS, and the “man he affectionately refers to as ‘Abi'”? I would be interested to hear their perspectives on homosexuality, and some more insights into the supposedly liberal curriculum at the school.



1. Food for Thought - April 18, 2006

Most religious leaders and scholars agree that Islam holds no place for homosexuality, condemning it as a grievous sin that under some Islamic governments is punishable by death. “There is no room to be Muslim and gay at the same time,” said Dr. Taha Jabir Al Alwani, president of the Graduate School of Islamic and Social Sciences in Leesburg, Virginia.

“If they want to be gay, they must be far from Islamic religion and the Muslim community. If they want to be Muslims, they should treat themselves and become clean from this kind of sin. There can be no compromise in this.” Islam is not alone in this prohibition, which also holds for Catholics, Mormons and several Protestant denominations.

But while Western societies offer a range of spiritual alternatives for gay Christians, Jews and others who seek to maintain some form of religious faith, Islam has traditionally closed the door to even the notion of homosexuality. “If gays want to say that Islam discriminates, that is fine. We discriminate, and we are proud of this. And there is no Muslim group in the world that does not have the same position on this sin,” Al Alwani said.

2. Rasheed Eldin - April 19, 2006

Thanks for bringing this article to our attention. I wonder if Daayiee would claim that these comments were in fact made by someone other than Sh. Alalwani.

By the way, I interpret “If they want to be gay” as meaning: “If they want to live a homosexual lifestyle”, which would include sinful acts and behaviours. I am sure that he would not condemn someone for what they feel inside, so long as they maintain sincerity before God and abstain from sins.

It’s important to emphasise this, in case people who are confused about what to do about sexual feelings get the idea that they “must be far from Islamic religion and the Muslim community”. No, actually our community has to bring them close and help them understand their feelings in the light of religion.

Note that the Sheikh’s comments were in the context of a Gay Pride parade, not in response to a sensible question put to him.

3. Yusuf - December 10, 2006


Why refer to Al-Fatiha as Al-Fahisha? I realise the meaning of both words, but it’s hardly in the spirit of fair play, respectable debate and etiquette, is it?

Mr Abdullah might be lying through his back teeth, but does that make it Ok for you to do so as well?

It seems that you’re unlikely to change your mind, if you hold gay muslims in so much contempt that you cannot address their group by their given name, and so, the purpose of the debate is therefore lost.

4. Taleb Haqq - December 10, 2006

AlFahisha is doing just that, it is advocating exactly what the Qur’an states is a Fahisha. AlFatiha, on the other hand, is the name of a chapter in the Qur’an. Is it befitting, in your opinion, for a group that is advocating “fawahish” to be named by a chapter in the Qur’an…the word of Allah?

5. Rasheed Eldin - December 10, 2006

Yusuf, you and others have identified that sometimes we use taunting tones with the leaders of this Queer Muslim Movement, and that is something we feel is within the bounds of decency. I certainly don’t think it’s comparable to “lying through [the] back teeth”. I would certainly correct something if it were false, or if we used a fallacious argument such as an ad hominem.

That being said, there is a serious reason why we don’t like calling them by their assumed name, and Taleb has explained that. Even so, we do sometimes refer to them as Al-Fatiha. The other is our nickname for them.

Finally though, we don’t hold all gay Muslims in contempt, even those who are engaging in sins, even open ones. There is a difference between those who are misled and those doing the misleading.

Thanks and take care.

6. Roscoe - March 5, 2008

queer muslim is that an oxymoron

7. Rasheed Eldin - March 5, 2008

What do you think, Roscoe?

8. Son of a Prince - June 25, 2010

There is a global consensus among the Muslims scholars of the “Ahlus-Sunnah wal Jamaah”, (The people of the Qur’an and Sunnah) both past and present, that those who subscribe to, or commit, the actions of the “People of Sodom and Gommorrah”,
The very first people in history who were mentioned as performing homosexual behaviors, who were also referred to as “Qawmi Luut” (the People of the Prophet Lot) (AS), are flagrant and blatant sinners.

It is an unfortunate modern (and Western) phenomena, that some clinically and morally
depraved Muslims are promoting this filthy and
socially subversive lifestyle, and using the name of the one chapters of the Sacred Scripture of the Qur’an. No one would be that criminally blatant, but those who have entered a pact with the Shayaateen
and Iblees himself (na oodhu billah).

If they claim to be Muslims, we must have authoritative evidence to call them non-Muslims, but their proclamation and promotion of that lifestyle, is an act of disbelief and rebellion, similiar to those who openly deal drugs, engage in organized crimes, or those who traffick in pornography, or engage in pedophelia. Here in the Western societies, these self-proclaimed deviants have the legal right to say and do whatever they want, and we fellow Americans (or citizens of any other Western society) are obliged to tolerate them, and respect their civil rights to say whatever they want.

Similiarly, we have the same rights to abhor them, and to classify them as they are: Moral deviants who contribute towards social subversion and the introduction of the most lethal diseases known to mankind, which were never known to humans, and diseases which there is that we now know are forensically connected to the homosexual lifestyle.

Therefore, it is a moral obligation and right of every God-fearing person, whether Muslim, Jew, or Christian, to exercise their moral and religious right to condemn
and oppose the people of this criminal and socially subversive behavior. It is as dangerous as a contagious cancer, and a fire sweeping through our society, which threatens the very well-being of our future generation

9. Amatullah - June 30, 2011

May Allah protect us from the sight and influence of such “Muslims” who want to lead fellow muslims away from the Quran and into further darkness/confusion and towards what is clearly deemed haraam.
Being gay may be his right as a human being, but not as a Muslim, and he has no right to misconstrue the word of the Quran on homosexuality to suit his whims and mislead a growing community of confused muslims.
I pray Allah brings him back to the right path of the Quran, and helps him turn his Islamic efforts into something fruitful for his akhira and for other muslims. If not, then may his life become an Ibrat for those interested in twisting Hadeeths and Quranic verses.

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